11 Pieces to Geek You Through Your Day

If you’re anything like most of the other millions of people on this earth, you go about your day in an often repetitive and sometimes soul-sucking pattern. Wake, Eat, Work, Eat, Crash and Repeat. Whether you have to deal with belligerent customers, or one of the 15 bosses that bark orders at you all day, I’ve got just the thing(s) to help you get through the day with a little bit of geeky gusto!


Let’s start your day right. Maybe you have a favorite coffee shop in a galaxy far, far away. Luckily this little astromech puts you in the driver seat




Whether you want to make the Kessel Run or just hop over to the nearest system for a little Jedi training, this 32 oz vessel will leave you with a sweet morning buzz. With a durable stainless-steel plunger, you can squeeze those grinds tighter than the trash compactor on the Deathstar. The easy pour spout makes for the hottest cup of Joe this side of the Hoth system. For around $40 USD, every morning will feel just a little bit more like an off-world adventure.


The only question you have left is what to fill it with. For all us nerds and geeks, the guys over at Player One have you covered. With four different roasts tailored for each class of gamer, it’s all the coffee you will ever need. I personally like the Leroy Jenkins; just strong enough to make your teeth chatter, but not rich enough to hurt your wallet.

The last choice left to make for the morning is what kind of glass to put your blue milk in. I came across these handcrafted mugs a little while back, and if there was ever to be a nerd for art, K. Marie Ceramics  is it. From the hand thrown clay to the meticulous design and glazing that goes into every single one. Nothing says nerd quite like the attention to detail on the galaxy themed mugs.

So, go ahead and grab one for sipping that jet fuel, because let’s face it when you grow up on a planet with two suns and no moons, a nice little view of some stars amidst a backdrop of black and blue is a nice change of scenery.

Now that you fueled up, it’s time get things done! The guys over at Think Geek got you covered. They just put on a sale for this great Harry Potter pen and stand set. For $10 USD you get yourself a beautiful black ink pen to represent whatever house you like most! The stand is a nice, heavy, die-cast metal construction, so doubling as a paperweight is no problem. This set is just enough flair to add to your humdrum desk and make you daydream of Butter Beer and Quidditch matches.

If you really want to go that extra mile, they also sell this great little wax seal set for $10 USD. Next time you decide to send that letter or memo out, everyone in the office will reconsider their poorly chosen generic email signature, and respect whichever house the sorting hat chose for you.

Once you have managed to masterfully navigate your way through the day, it’s time to go out and enjoy yourself. Maybe some nice sushi and a little sake are in order, and nothing says nerd like bringing your own utensils to the restaurant. What better way to save the galaxy than to enjoy a meal with your own set of lightsaber chopsticks. Available in a variety of LED-based colors, these vibrant Jedi food sticks will make sure that everyone around you is aware of your control over the midi-chlorians.



Now if I could only get a real lightsaber cheese knife, I would be set. What better way to settle down after a long day of working moisture evaporators and bulls eying a few womp rats than with a nightcap… out of the skulls of your enemies. Because skulls and skin are dirty and unsanitary, you will have to settle for crystal and glass. Whether you feel like Atlas after a long day of carrying the weight of the world, or your day felt like a training exercise on Carida, you can find the perfect decanter and glass set to express your mood. My personal favorites are these Stormtrooper heads. I mean, they may not be able to hit a damn thing, but they can make hitting the bottle a bit easier.

And if you’re the kind of nerd that enjoys ice, pick up some of these Deathstar ice molds.

Now, time to get your Little Nemo on and head off to Slumberland. What better way to do that than passed out on your couch, spooning these bad boys? Whatever your style or budget, the nerd world is here for you.


Maybe you felt a bit like Mario today, chasing after some princess, only to be forced into more sequels than your hard drive can handle.


Maybe you are feeling accomplished, like you spent your day willing the universe into submission.


Now rest those weary eyes traveler and let the sweet smell of nerd swag carry you away. When you wake up tomorrow, the internet will never fail to remind you that at 2 AM, you drunkenly ordered that Millenium Falcon waffle iron.But don’t worry, you paid extra for express shipping, it will be there by morning, right?


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