“We Stream Imagination™”

GEEKCASTER™: all things geek media and geek lifestyle.   On our site you will find sci-fi and fantasy films/TV/web series, gaming and animation.  You will also find “Geek Lifestyle” content like tech, geek shopping, cosplay and wellness.  Our platform also gives independent content creators the ability to have fans financially support projects and or creating their own subscription base video on demand streaming service. Since 2010 we’ve provided original content and promotion for creatives.  Our platform, along with the media we produce, promotes diversity in content creation.  There are many stories to tell and many voices ready to tell them.  

GEEKCASTER™ “the show” is distributed by means of cable TV / live streaming  and a podcast.  GEEKCASTER™ covers diverse sci-fi & fantasy content, reviews media production tech, geek lifestyle topics and building awareness of unique and emerging brands to our audience.  We live stream on our site and social media.  Our Cable TV reach is over 1.2 million subscribed households a week in the 5 boroughs of New York.  Time Warner / Optimum / RCN / Verizon FiOS: 34/67/82/42.  Brooklyn Free Speech Ch: 1  WED 9:30am & 5pm.  Our reach is over 3.1 million households on Nassau County and Suffolk County Long Island New York on Saturdays at 2:00pm  Channel 115.  A total weekly reach of over 4.3 million households.


Editor in Chief: Michael Michael

Editor: Luke Wisniewski

Content Producers: Charles Dixon, Michael Mazzuca, Michael Michael, Harry Bailey

Social Media Manager: Jamie Jirak

Hosts: Jamie Jirak, Nicole Brittany Emmons, Victoria “Bevin” Bennett

Writers:  Barbell Barbie, Harry Bailey,  Jeff  MyhreLuke Wisniewski, Mariel Rodriguez, Michael Mazzuca, Taylor Fenner

SEV NETWORK (Sonic Eclectic) is our production company that specializes in “Eclectic Lifestyle™” and “Geek Media™” entertainment.  Covering: films, TV, web series, tech, gaming, shopping, animation, wellness, cosplay and conventions since 2010.  Producing film, tv, audio productions and all form of mobile media.