Marvel’s Most Wanted Isn’t Wanted and Agent Carter is Pink Slipped

As DC continues to dominate television with series that have aired on CW, FOX, NBC, and CBS, DC’s rival Marvel Comics has not had the same success on network television other than Marvel’s popular shows on Netflix.

Agent Carter ran for two seasons but has not been renewed for a third. The series followed the secret exploits of Peggy Carter, Captain America’s love interest from the first film starring Chris Evans.  Actress Hayley Atwell, reprised her role from the film, working along with other agents to keep America safe during the infancy of SHIELD.



Also not being picked up is Marvel’s Most Wanted. Starring Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood as the lead characters,  Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter respectively, Marvel’s Most Wanted was a promising series. The premise of the show entailed the two stars  being on the run from numerous bounty hunters. Delroy Lindo  was set to play Howard Chaykin’s  character Dominic Fortune, the world adventurer, in this series as well. It is the second time Marvel’s Most Wanted was passed by ABC which, like Marvel Comics, is owned by parent company Disney. Adrianne Palicki was set to star as Wonder Woman a few years ago. NBC decided not to pick up the pilot although it was filmed.

NBC cancelled the highly anticipated Constantine who has been resurrected on the CW Network on Arrow and may be picked up as a series again on CW according to some sources. Reruns of Constantine can be seen on the El-Rey network. CBS has decided not to renew its contract with Supergirl, who is now flying over to the CW. You can look forward to several crossovers on that network now that Supergirl will be the fourth series on the CW starring DC characters.


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