The God of High school delivers another sub-par episode this week. It’s disappointing but not surprising that the series returned to this level of quality. One-off gags, derivative plot lines, and characters who only serve to develop the rushed dynamics of the improvised storyline. This week we see glasses  girl have her backstory fleshed out even more. Of course this doesn’t come without the admission that the entire plotline for this episode is a gag. The episode starts with some discourse between the trio, which ultimately serves no purpose other than shock for when the plot ultimately develops into a non-essential vehicle for fleshing out Glasses Girl’s backstory. Now we get more variety to the atypical dojo backstory. There is a glimpse of home life, though it is naturally disturbed by the forced plotline. The characters in this episode all seem tailored to the story. Almost like plot points rather than actual characters. The antagonist even takes a jab at Glasses Girl central conflict, finding a worth protago- I mean Martial Artist to show how powerful her clearly flawed sword style can be, there is a brief flashback of her tragic backstory, but leaving it vague seems like a bad choice. It doesn’t drum up sympathy for the character, and if anything it strengthens the anatagonist’s motivation. This makes it even more unreasonable when MC Mori shows up at her door, trying to convince Glasses Girl of the importance of his goal. Honestly Glasses Girl was right, she may win or lose the tournament, but the world’s greatest martial artist didn’t even participate in a tournament as far as his character is fleshed out. It really is a satisafactory ending for Glasses Girl after she kicks this anime to the curb. Sadly there is no actual resolution to her story without Mori. To give credit where credit is due, the flashback Glasses Girl’s uncle has is enough to directly contrast her present actions. Thankfully this series estimates the intelligence of Battle Anime viewers to be about the same as Educational cartoons, and explains this in the very next scene. 

Now we understand that Glasses Girl is doing this all so her success and prominence can depend on a man. Goodie. The series never lets you forget Glasses Girl is just that, a child. Making the whole ordeal incredibly creepy. Thankfully we have age-appropriate Mori here to save the day. It seems his fruit powers were only canon however and don’t apply to the group of filler brutes guarding the wedding. Thankfully it’s haircut employee to the rescue. Now, not one, but two men can come to Mira’s rescue. Haircut employee shows some of that selfless discipline we love and takes a blade to the hand for Mori. This allows Glasses Girl to consider everything he has been saying before in a new light. No, Mori does not confess his love for Glasses Girl. No he doesn’t speak about the importance of friendship. The talk-no-jutsu skills are almost identical to the earlier conversation, but on her wedding day it reaches Glasses Girl and she reflects on how long she’s worked to attain her actual goal. After Uncle sword style takes a good hit from Glasses Girl. Mori takes it upon himself to impart more wisdom that is only personally impactful. Thankfully his plot armor extends to his idiot logic, and the wedding is called off. It wouldn’t be the God of High School without at least one action scene. The only real action we get this episode is the Jo-Jo stand, that Glasses Girl voluntarily wounds herself by. It’s only after she takes a direct hit, that she activates her sword style, and proceeds to win, with significant effort, and slight internal bleeding. It’s enough to see why the sword style is in trouble. Fighting turn-style based is no way to win in an anime. Glasses Girl manages to pullout with the victory. The arc comes to an end, and Filler antagonist swipes the sword but not the style. We may see the consequences of this, but hopefully we just get a better Filler character. 

Next we get the actual internal conflict in the overall story. Haircut Employee’s friend is doing bad. Thankfully he manages to turn his internal conflict into Glasses Girl’s internal bleeding as he pummels the living shit out of her in the next match. Her skills aren’t displayed as powerful, and the match is almost played for sympathy as she is relentlessly beaten by a 2nd stage of grief Haircut Employee. Mori is there to witness the sword style he made so many others defend. He is not impressed and swears vengeance on the man that made his filler episode canon. Don’t worry Mori has enough ammo.

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