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Shanna Ferrigno has been a health and fitness educator for the past decade, she has helped balance thousands of people in their daily life. Traveling throughout the world, Shanna motivates her audiences everywhere she goes to take on the challenge of healthy living. Daughter of the famed bodybuilder and actor, Lou Ferrigno, they created a very successful company known as Ferrigno FIT. I was able to interview Shanna to learn more about her. Check out our interview below:

1) What is your first and last name?

  Shanna Ferrigno

2) Where were you born and raised?


  Los Angeles, CA

3) Where did you go to college? What did you major in?


SUNY PURCHASE, NY. I went to a very prestigious acting program and got my BFA.

4) Who were some of your role models growing up?


My mother and Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey

5) What gave you the passion to start Ferrigno FIT

To us FIT means Focus. Invest. & Take Action daily with what you want in your life. My father has been a bodybuilder since the age of 17. He instilled in us the importance of hard work, consistency and determination both mentally and physically. I was a heavy kid growing up, I talk all about it in my book ‘The Reset Plan’, and with my weight loss journey I believe having spiritual growth is essential as well. We took all of these fundamentals and created Ferrigno FIT. We are the only Father Daughter fitness team of our caliber and it’s fun to help people of all ages, sizes and backgrounds.

 Shanna Ferrigno

6) What is the mission statement for Ferrigno FIT

Our mission is to improve lives through health and fitness.

Ferrigno FIT is a lifestyle brand that celebrates positive, healthy living. We combine behavioral science, education, and entertainment with the fundamentals of health & fitness to build personalized transformation programs aimed at helping individuals achieve their fitness goals.

7) Do you love being a Motivational Speaker and why?


I really do love being a motivational speaker. Any chance that I get to be in a space, with people that are working on resetting to become their best selves, is always a joy for me. We all have our ups and downs and everyones journey is unique. I love learning from people and helping them become their own hero and self motivator.

Shanna and Lou Ferrigno

8) May you give us four health tips that people can live by every day?


 I wrote ‘The Reset Plan’ because I have so many tips I don’t even know where to start! But let me try to pick 4! 


  1. When you wake up take a moment to say something nice about yourself. Your health starts from the inside so make sure you’re your biggest cheerleader at the beginning/middle and end of the day. 


  2. The Reset Plan is a 66 day program with the purpose of the 7th day, whichever day you choose to reset on, should be a day that you make time for yourself to prep meal, groom etc.. It’s important that one day out of the week you give yourself a few hours to reset for the busy week ahead. It preps you to eat well and be mentally prepared for what the world throws at us.


  3. If the ingredients on the box/package have more than 5 ingredients you don’t know how to pronounce – ditch it


  4. If your great grandmother couldn’t identify the food you’re about to consume – ditch it. I don’t think my great grandmother would have known what a slurpee was. Ha!

The Reset Plan

9) Now it’s time for the hard questions … What is your favorite color?


That is a hard question because mine is a shade. It’s black. 😉 

10) What is your favorite food?


That’s even harder to answer! I love fresh food. I hate fried food. White Rice is my favorite food staple so anything, besides pork, that goes with rice I love. Sushi, Chicken teriyaki Bowls etc…


Shanna Ferrigno

11) I have a super hero character named Double Shot who has the ability to create and manipulate coffee. If you had a super power, what would it be?

That is kick ass! I would want to bring back all the people that have passed, whom I loved and/or wanted to get to know better, and have dinners with them once a week. So what would my character name be you think?  Futuristic Friggs? (Friggs is my nickname) 

11a) How do you like “Rise” as a superhero name?

 I dig it!

12) What were some of your favorite childhood moments?

We always had family dinner between 6pm and 6.30 growing up. I loved family dinners. It was a great time to talk about the day, have heated discussions, laugh and communicate while coming together for a meal. I believe that families that don’t make family dinners a priority, if/when they can, are really missing out. 

13) If you had any advice to give to the youth out there, what would it be?

What people say behind your back, or on social media, isn’t any of your business. WHO CARES what people think about you – especially people that don’t know you. It’s them being miserable and PROJECTING and its a complete waste of time to care. The best way to live your life is by following what makes you happy because only you will ever have to wake up with yourself and live with yourself for the rest of your life.



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