The African American Author and Artist Kadir Nelson

Conceptual artist Kadir Nelson is no stranger to being featured on the cover of The New Yorker Magazine. His artwork has captured the attention of many. His paintings and sculptures center on historical narratives. Those artistic works also focus on valiant subjects in American culture.

Since age 3, he’s been painting; According to his mother. He recalls himself painting since he was little.

The company Dream Works Pictures hired him a long time ago. He was hired to create artwork. His first artwork was for Steven Spielberg’s featured, “Amistad.” It was a Oscar nomination. Additionally he created artwork for, “Spirit: Stallion of The Cimarron.”

On states Nelson has over 30 Children’s book titles in print. These titles have been globally recognized. List of illustrated Children’s books include titles by Debbie Allen, Spike and Tonya Lee. Besides Delores Jordan (mother of Michael Jordan) and Will Smith.

Nelson has been awarded by The New York Times and many more. Also, given an Olympic Art Bronze medal. One of his previous artwork was for the TV series Black-ish. He painted each character looking compelling.

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