Nutrition Labels (((To Read Or Not To Read?))

Ahh… The new year. Abs, Money, Health, Wealth! New Year, New You. So as you are now passed the food coma, lets jump right into the Nutrition Label and why you need to read it.

How often do you read nutritional labels before buying a product?

If it’s not often, how would you know what exactly you put in your body??

You can always use the scanner tool in any mobile app to scan the product and find out all of its ingredients and macros. But, let’s just say you don’t have it downloaded to your phone yet. In this case, here are 5 things to look for when examining nutritional labels:

Ingredients: all the ingredients should be familiar to you. Natural from the earth?? Not some weird name that you cant pronounce. If not, perhaps it’s not a good choice to eat monosodium glutamate and butylated hydroxyanisole… 🙂

Sugar Content: every product must list the sugar content on its nutritional label. Make sure to only buy foods low in sugar.

Fats: Some fats are better than the others. Look for foods high in omega 3s, mono and poly-unsaturated fats, moderate saturated fats and avoid trans-fats.

Calories: This one is a common-sense, but we often forget to look up how many calories are in our food. If it’s too high, put it back – you don’t need it.

Fiber: look for foods higher in fiber.

Taking a glimpse at the nutritional label will help you be more in control of what you eat and literally takes seconds. To make this task even easier, use a mobile aap such as My fitness Pal or any other app to scan labels and sift through the food you buy.

If you have any questions, always remember that I am here to help!

But all of this is just advise.

You can do whatever the Fu** you wanna do!!

Crystal aka Barbell_Barbie. NY


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