It’s Past Time For Hillary Clinton



Major League Baseball was founded in 1903.  It wasn’t until April 15, 1947 when the color barrier was broken. After all of those years, you can easily argue that “it was time” for a black man to play baseball although some people still weren’t ready for it.  Knowing that,  The Brooklyn Dodgers’ did not just grab any black baseball player to be their new second baseman. They scouted and found a man who could play the position and play it well. A man who was just as good offensively as he was defensively and who could run the bases with the best of them. A man who was as tough on the inside as he was on the outside. A man named  Jackie Robinson. So when it came to “breaking the barrier”, a qualified person was found and selected to play for them, and he produced. Credibility was key in breaking the racial barrier.

The Liberal Democrat party likes to state in its rhetorical dialogue that “it’s time (for this or that)”. It’s time for a black president; it’s time for a woman; it’s time for a one- legged- blue -clad -circus -clown- from- the planet -Klingon, whatever, whomever. Ok. Sure. I don’t have a problem with that; but can we get qualified people please? President Obama, a community organizer who barely showed up as a Senator, eloquently sweet talked his way to get elected. He has flip-flopped on a lot of issues while the economy has seen a slow growth in his administration and he has made some highly critical decisions that some have called treasonous.  Blaming things on his predecessor is a weak excuse. If you get a new job and are replacing another person, your new boss doesn’t want to hear you whine about your job; your new employer wants you to fix things and get the job done. That standard should also apply to the President. Obama knew what he was up against when he ran for the position; he was getting stuck with the decisions of those before him much like our next President knows that he or she will have to deal with Obama’s errors and there have been plenty. Obama gave $535 million of economic stimulus/tax payer money to SOLYNDRA for what? Solar batteries that never came to be. That deceitful company soon went bankrupt.  Not just that, but since he’s taken office 46 million people in America are on food stamps. That’ s more people than the population of Denmark, Greece, Norway, Portugal and Sweden combined. That’s 5 countries worth of people! How he can just shrug that off and go play golf all the time with those numbers is extremely disheartening. Even the Obama girl burned her shirt and regretted supporting this man as have many others. I can get into so much more about his failures which have outnumbered his successes but it’s a waste of time because we’re all just going to get angry about it and besides, there will be plenty of articles looking back at his multiple failures and errors. For crying out loud, even the Nobel Peace Prize Committee asked him to return the award they gave him.

If it’s all about “breaking barriers” for the Liberal Democrat party, then they should take note of the way The Brooklyn Dodgers ended racial segregation in the major leagues with Jackie Robinson. If “it’s time for a woman” as many Leftists proclaim it is, then simply elect a candidate who is qualified. It’s a no brainer. We don’t need figureheads. Don’t just pick Hillary because she’s Hillary. She really hasn’t done anything great as a New York Senator and she really hasn’t done anything great as Secretary of State. She’s rude and crass to reporters and to US citizens asking her fair questions about legitimate concerns. She either tap dances around the questions or ignores it with contempt, if she’s not busy yelling at the person asking the question that is. She STILL hasn’t addressed the questions of why she referred to young black people as “super predators” and she has the gall now to say all whites are racists? This is what she is running on? More divisiveness and her hypocrisy?  She certainly hasn’t seemed presidential yelling the way she has been at Senator Bernie Sanders. I ‘ve been expecting the camera to focus in on Bill Clinton when Hillary yells at Bernie so I can read Bill’s face and I know what I would see–Bill looking at Bernie and thinking: “I feel your pain Bernie, I feel your pain”. Her husband President Bill Clinton has been publicly  criticizing President Obama while  SHE says she will carry on Obama’s policies…WHAT?! Well what is it then Hillary? Do the Clintons support Obama’s policies or not?

Bill Clinton felt that the “race card” was played against Hillary when Obama ran for President, stealing the nomination from Hillary. Maybe Obama did. Maybe her time was then because it certainly isn’t now.

Hillary comes with a lot of baggage. The scandals attached to her and Bill since Hillary got kicked off of the Nixon-Watergate scandal for her lack of ethics and fraudulent legal brief alone would disqualify so many other candidates several times over, probably even have gotten them jail time but no, she and her impeached husband continue to get a free pass because  of who they are. “It’s time for Hillary”, sage wise people like Robert DeNiro have suggested.  No Bobby, it’s not.  It’s time for someone else. Someone who won’t be so incompetent, who doesn’t come with all this baggage, who is qualified, and has credibility. Someone who won’t have another scandal, or two, or 47, lurking around the next day that would be another national embarassment. Jackie Robinson faced adversity. With what he brought to organized baseball with his talent, skills, and leadership he earned respect and credibility because he deserved it. The man was worthy. He was qualified. He proved to himself and the world that it was time for him.

Hillary has not. She’s had plenty of opportunity and chances but she has not proved to be qualified to be President as many Democrats have pointed out. Don’t say they haven’t because many Democrat voters have either voted for Sanders or have switched parties to vote for Donald Trump.

It’s time for Hillary to go away.