Rob Reiner’s Ridiculous Rants on Ratings, Racism, and Republicans

The MEATHEAD from the classic politically incorrect show “All in The Family” is complaining about the focus of news being on ratings.

He accuses the people supporting Donald Trump of being racists and that media promotes the message for ratings. When called out on it by one of the commentators, he back tracked a bit and said it was some of the people and not all.  Reiner conveniently overlooked the fact that Hillary Clinton has called young black people “super-predators” and that she, just a few days ago, said that Donald Trump “fell off the reservation”.  She recently  laughed along with NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio’s racist joke about being late because he was on “colored people time”. He was quick enough to talk about people in the KKK allegedly supporting Trump but he conveniently forgot how she was a good friend of Senator Robert Byrd, a leader in the KKK, who was eulogized at his funeral by none other than President Barack Obama himself.

Do Democrats like Reiner even know the history of the Democrat Party? That during the Civil War, every Democrat state sided with the South. That the Democrats created the KKK. That  Democrats voted to repeal the 1st Amendment and they voted against the 13th, 14th, & 15th Amendments? That they were against the Civil Rights acts in the 1960s and that they were behind the Jim Crow laws; yet Democrat political activist Rob “Meathead” Reiner could not recall any of that. He could only remember that some guy showed up at a Trump rally with a tattoo bearing a swastika. He did not have a picture nor a clip of that man in his allegation.

meathead 2

Rob Reiner’s father is Carl Reiner. Carl Reiner was one of the biggest names in television for decades. As an actor/writer/director/producer he found success on television like “The Dick Van Dyke” show and  in comedy films such as “The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming!” and  the Steve Martin vehicle “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”. If it wasn’t for ratings his father would not have had a job nor the $ucce$$ he had. Rob Reiner followed in his dad’s footsteps, becoming an actor, a writer, a director, and a  producer. His films include the hits, “Stand By Me”, “When Harry Met Sally”, “A Few Good Men”, “Misery”, “The Princess Bride”, and “This is Spinal Tap”. Prior to these films, he himself was on a huge hit show for years called “All in The Family”.

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On “All in The Family” he played Michael Stivic, the liberal son-in-law of  Carroll O’Connor’s bigoted yet lovable curmudgeon Archie Bunker, the lead character of the show who went on to have his own show called “Archie’s Place”. The irony of Rob Reiner’s accusation is that for years he was on a show that would not be on the air today because of its controversial episodes and dialogue. The show would be deemed racist today because it explored racism, used the “N” word often, and brought attention to other social, political, and economic issues. That’s what being politically incorrect does. It brings attention to issues and it creates dialogue to address these issues. Shutting people up with political correctness and shaming them with guilt that they are not guilty of is not the way to solve things. By the way, it was a high rated that won a lot of Emmys and spawned spin-offs like the aforementioned “Archie’s Place”, “Maude” and “The Jeffersons” (another hit show that was just as funny as its parent show and just as politically incorrect).

From 1971-1981 Rob Reiner was married to Penny Marshall, sister of another big name in television Garry Marshall . In that time period, Garry Marshall  was the show-runner of such shows as “The Odd Couple”, “Happy Days”, and a few spin-offs from “Happy Days” like “Laverne & Shirley”, “Joanie Loves Chachi” and “Mork & Mindy”. Ms. Marshall portrayed sportswriter Oscar Madison’s secretary on “The Odd Couple” and in one episode, Rob Reiner played her boyfriend. She played Laverne DeFazio on “Happy Days” and played her again in “Laverne & Shirley”. Most of these shows explored social issues and would probably be accused of political incorrectness today. All of these shows were hit shows (except for “Joanie Loves Chachi”). Ratings made them hits, ratings made a lot of people money, from the people on the show to the television networks and the advertisers.

Ratings do that. That’s how revenue is generated. No ratings? No show! No audience? No show. No show? NO MONEY. Even the news stations know that, which is why news programs around the world sensationalize news items and the people viewing it fall for it, hook, line, and sinker.

Last month was the first time in 14 years that CNN beat FOX overall. Why; because Donald Trump refused to go on Fox after the way some of its employees (i.e. Megyn Kelly) treated him. Trump boycotted Fox and went on CNN. CNN even did a special on him recently that aired prior to the Republican Debate that same night. Why? RATING$. Although CNN finally beat FOX (again, because of Trump) Fox Business News was the highest rated, beating MSNBC and other channels. People turn in when Trump is on more so than when Hillary Clinton is on or when President Obama is on. Hillary doesn’t get that attention THE Donald does. The media knows it.  He gets the views. FOX has learned its lesson. They are negotiating with the Trump camp to have Megyn Kelly interview the eventual Republican candidate for president in a FOX special. Donald Trump sells out arenas, where Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters show up to cause trouble. None of Reiner’s alleged “Trump racist supporters” have done that at a Hillary or a Sanders rally. Hillary Clinton barely gets people to show up for her at airports as it is.

So yes MEATHEAD–it’s all about the ratings!

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