Latino Actor Jeffrey Peña

Latino actor Jeffrey Peña, 27 years old resides in New Jersey. The actor has been in the acting industry for 2 years and has accomplished a lot in little time.

If you’ve seen the TV show Gotham, chances are you’ve seen him. Jeffrey has played gang leader, prisoner, and bad guy for Gotham. Recently he joined Sag-Aftra (Screen Actors Guild). The union that represents actors all over the world. “Because of Sag, I’ve been in places with people I never thought of meeting out of the blue,” expresses Peña. “I’ve met Ice-T, 50 Cent, Amaury Nolasco from Prison Break. In which I’m currently working with this whole month on a new show. Even the cast of Power and many more.”

Jeffrey Peña’s colleagues were surprised that in a short period of time he became part of the Sag union.

Peña is under 2 agencies too. Those agencies are: casting networks and central castings. Nine months ago he started being coached with Susan Baston in NYC. Baston is a Hollywood acting coach. Before nine months ago he dedicated his time to help his mother. His mother owns a clothing store. During that time, he did acting as a background extra.

Before his acting career, he used to be a barber. He worked at a barbershop for 12 years. Then decided to quit his job to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an actor. While living in Miami at one point, he was a model. But, he still dreamt of becoming an actor.

The Latino actor Jeffrey loves his career. Owing to the fact that he never saw himself working at a 9-5 p.m. job. He enjoys helping other actors on set. Additionally he loves everything else about acting including the pay.

He pretends that he is already on top..”that’s how I use my law of attraction,” confirms Jeffrey. He does that without losing his humbleness.

Now that he is recognized by Sag-Aftra he hopes to continue to rise to stardom. Jeffrey wants to inspire others through films and TV shows. He also wants to constantly help the people in need. Humanitarian work, is something he has always taken pride in.

Actor Peña sends big containers with food and clothes to the Dominican Republic. He desires to create his own charity someday in the caribbean island. “I’m light hearted and I feel like I gotta do something sometimes,” states Peña. To keep up to date with the actor, his Instagram is: @Jaymanny809.

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