2018 Sunglasses Styles

There are different styles of sunglasses to choose from. Whether you are a female or a male, if you want to wear the latest style of sunglasses, you must know what is in style for this summer 2018.

According to Vintandyork, the sunglasses trends for 2018 are: oversized, extreme cat eyes, small 90’s inspired, cool flat top, vintage sunglasses with new twists, metallic clip-on, square, vintage round, big Jackie o style, round wire-rimmed metal.

Besides the trends listed above provided by Vintandyork, some of you might be asking, “What are the sunglasses color trends for 2018?”According to Vintandyork, the color trends are: red lens, white, marble tortoise shell, blue frame, yellow, black, sunglasses with gold arms, clear glitter, and nude.

Popsugar also has a guide to the newest sunglasses of 2018, very similar to Vintandyork’s list except shorter. The perfect sunglasses are: embellished shape, tinted lenses, retro cat-eyes, ski goggles, flat top visors. Embellished shape sunglasses are for example, covered in designs from colorful gems and pearls to 3D florals. Retro cat-eyes are sunglasses featuring pointy edges and a slightly smaller len style. Both embellished shape and retro cat-eyes sunglasses are normally made for females.

The cool flat top sunglasses are designed for both male and female. This type of style has a metal flat-top and there’s also a double-bridge flat top with a polished D-frame. Another style of sunglasses that have a vintage vibe and both male and female can wear is the metallic clip-on sunglasses that come round and square. “Round clip-ons are particularly well suited for square and diamond-shaped faces, while square frames are ideal for rounder face types,” stated Vintandyork.

You now have an idea of various sunglasses you can look forward to buying for your outfits this summer 2018. Don’t forget that you can also rock your sunglasses in the winter, spring, and fall. For more information follow @Vintandyork.

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