Think of your mind, body and health like a bank account…

If you’re consistently taking more withdrawals than deposits
you’re making, you’ll eventually be in the red.

The SAME goes for your mind, body, and health.

We ALL need to recharge our battery, or as Bill Hybels says
in his book SIMPLIFY, “fill our buckets”.

This is exactly why Bill recommends that you take time
weekly to examine and apply the 5 Keys To Replenishment
in your life.

1) Exercise

This one is obvious… but Bill actually cites a study that proves
consistent exercise and proper rest patterns lead to a 20%
energy increase in any given average day, week, and month.

That’s a pretty significant difference.

Exercise is the #1 form of physical and emotional renewal in
your life. Schedule it and get it done at least 5 or 6 days.H

2) Recreation

It’s the age of information overload and constant distractions,
so it’s crucial to get some alone time to re-create your energy
and vitality.

I recommend outdoor activities in nature or an “hour of power”
where you time block to think, read, learn, pray, meditate, or
whatever else “fills your bucket”.

3) Satisfying Work

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, rich or poor, a business
professional, or a parent… all of us are replenished by satisfying

King Solomon said it best: “It is good and proper for people
to find satisfaction—replenishment—in their labor.”

4) Family

Every time I stay deeply connected with my friends and
extended family, it “fills my bucket”.

Think about how you can make your family a life-giving source
of replenishment… and if you don’t have family, pour your time
and energy into other relationships you enjoy.

Relationships = replenishment.

5) Connecting with God (or your spirituality)

If you read my newsletters you probably know by now that I’m
a Christian, but I also have a handful of friends who are atheists

but they are all very spiritual in their own way.

When you connect with God or work on your spirituality you’ll
become secure in your identity, while “filling your bucket” by
focusing on something MUCH bigger than yourself.

As long as I stay focused on these 5 keys, whether I fail or not
does NOT matter because it keeps me focused on what’s really
important in life.

The main reason I’m writing about this subject is very personal.

Every year around this time I manage and run a
nutrition site and although it can be very exciting at times…

It’s also VERY stressful.

I always experience a roller coaster of emotions that include an
unusually high amount of anxiety, worry, and crazy thoughts.

– What if something goes wrong?

– What if our site crashes?

– What if people don’t respond positively to my content?

– What if my friends and business partners decide not to support me?

– What if I fail and get egg on my face?

What if? What if? What if?!?!

Of course, most of these thoughts and feelings are just
a natural part of life for many of us.

We all have feelings of worry and anxiety about things we fear.

Fear of loss.

Fear of failure.

Fear of pain.

Fear of death.

But if we’re not careful, it can paralyze us mentally and physically.

These 5 keys really helped me cope with my stress, so I hope
it was food for thought as you take on your week!

There are always one or two areas I find myself neglecting that
I have to work on…

What about you?

Are YOU wasting your thoughts and energy on “worry”??

Or are you “filling your bucket” with the 5 keys of replenishment??

Hit reply and let us know what area you need to work on.

Keep going strong.

Your friend and coach,



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