A Music Review: Mangoseed “Basquiat”

Funk, reggae, punk rock with a socio-political message loaded with a mix of fun…yeah, baby!…..it’s new music from South London fusion band Mangoseed.

The new music on Mangoseed’s album “Basquiat” is inspired by deceased Andy Warhol compatriot Jean-Michel Basquiat. Basquiat the artist mixed and blended genres and imbued his work with a rebellious spirit…..this is the raw material Mangoseed used for their new album, mixing and blending all that has influenced them musically. The Red Hot Chili Peppers influence along with Wu Tang Clan and surprisingly Bjork (mindblowing, huh?, Bjork.) can be plucked out of these new tracks.

Mangoseed slips in and around different sounds and genres, mixing it up…some funk, a little SKA, a bit of punk rock and a slice of reggae, mon…. in the pot., to shape their sound. There is a lot more to this band than just fun….much of the music has a political and spiritual base.

Even with the politically and spiritually charged lyrics – Mangoseed is inherently a fun, energized band ready to raise the crowds to heights of musical glory.

Mangoseed is comprised of…..four guys with very different backgrounds that add the musical flavor base for the band…Australian, Jamaican, Irish and Trinidadian….how’s that for a musical mix!

Nicholai La Barrie: Lead Vocals
Karlos Coleman: Lead Guitars and backing vocals
Richard Hardy: Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals
Sam Campbell : Drums and Percussion

This band formed on the merits of impromptu jam sessions, organized live gigs and extensive touring…with Mangoseed, it’s party on stage….and they invite you to come along.

Don’t take my word for it…listen for yourself.


“Basquiat” album released on May, 22 2014.

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