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Anti-Racism-How America was Built on Racism

Liaison and Strategist for Congress in the MoveOn, Reggie Hubbard initiated a training days ago. He is looking forward to educating others. Specifically how America was built on racism. Charlene Carruthers, feminist activist and a best seller author joined in. Also, Rashad Robinson, Dr. Marcia Chatelain, and Karundi Williams.

Reggie was the main host. “Our struggles are real, our pain is real,” states Reggie at one point. Author Charlene, encouraged others. “Get into the movement of Black Lives.” Carruthers too, mentioned about colonization. And went as far as to talk about Africa. Since there is modern-day slavery taking place.

Lastly, Charlene continued to encourage people. “If you are a white person, you not only have a duty to take up the work of anti-racism. I, implore you to fight anti blackness, to fight transphobia, homophobia…”

President of Color of Change, Rashad Robinson too shared his opinion. “Far too often we tell stories that are unfortunate. People talk about inequality as unfortunate. Almost like it’s a car accident, is sort of just happened. Rather than talking about it as unjust and we talk about inequality. We talk about racism as unfortunate. We end up getting charitable solutions to structural problems.

“We get people super excited about sending water bottles to Flint. Instead of challenging the corporations that create a tact structure to those communities that can’t never actually have clean pipes…”

Rashad states that he has heard people mention Black communities as being vulnerable. In which it has allowed people to think and help Black people differently.

He says that fixing the structures and systems which hold the Black people back is best. “So when we put the energy, the active voice on the system instead of the active voice on the people, then we can actually unlock the potential to actually move us to real change.”

Marcia Chatelain, professor of History and AfricanAmerican studies shared her knowledge too. “White supremacy causes a senseless power over other people.” From her opinion there must be a dismantling of white supremacy.

As time has passed by, people have seen there hasn’t been that much progress. Racism is still luring. Hence professor Marcia still educates her students about it. She asks them “Why don’t we do research on these organizations?” This certainly can help reduce violence too. As Marcia shared. “We have to understand that exploring the past can really help us learn more.”

Executive director of Re-Power Karundi believes that change happens in communities. “The murder of George Floyd occurred 2 miles away from my organization office,” states Williams.

Karundi went on to share the story of the white lady in central park, New York City. Where the lady called cops on a innocent Black man. “The white lady understood that she can call cops on a Black man, so then he can get arrested.”

Reggie replies “The system has been nourished by ignorance.” Both Reggie and Karundi agreed that African Americans have been doing this work against racism for a long time. “It will not change over night. It is going to take more years,” adds Reggie.

Williams terminated by saying that there has to be continuous help. “White people have to give up something in order to help people of color,” she states. For more information about the training, visit