B: The Beginning A Review

Ok so I promise I won’t spoil anything for you, I think.

B: The Beginning is a new original Netflix anime out of Production I.G, directed by Kazuto Nakazawa and Yoshiki Yamawa. It premiered on Netflix March 2, 2018. So first off I assumed a lot about the type and direction of this anime and I WAS WRONG. It was a great plot twist, just know you may switch teams halfway through. The series is a total of 12 episodes with are each episode being around 25 minutes. Considering the last episode I do not think there will be a season two. It is a science fiction world where science is what creates special individuals among everyday people. If these people are good or bad you will have to see. The series is packed with action almost all of it done by children. The kids have abilities ranging from arm the turn to swords to eyes with special abilities. The final battle scenes is epic and who will win is not the typical guarantee seen in most animes. The true villain is definitely not who I thought it to be and apparently I’m not the only one as only one person end up stumbling across the truth. As in most anime there is a romance factor although the relationship is not what I would call romantic. Small disclosure changes in periods of time as a forward and backwards in the story are not labeled so Pay Attention.

Overall it is definitely worth a watch. If you into action and science fiction plus some mystery ( not like a Conon tho) this is for you.

Think baby XMen meets Ergo Proxy plus a bunch of hidden relationships.

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