Banshee or Bust: A Quintessential Guide to Halloween Cosplay.

It’s spooky season! A time for bats and brew and costumes galore. Halloween is the perfect excuse to cosplay outside of a convention or your cosplay portfolio. But with every occasion comes the dreaded “What will I wear?!” Have no fear, Geekcaster is here! These 5 questions will help you decide on the perfect cosplay for spooky season.

Where are you going?

If you’re going to a party, Reinhardt from Overwatch may not be the best move. Casual or closet cosplays are best for passing out candy or movie night with friends. Taking your kids/siblings trick-or-treating? Cosplay with them! Workplaces may have policies for dressing up on Halloween, so be sure to take that into account as well. Either way it goes, plan for whatever you are doing or may get roped into doing. Bonus: Halloween events at churches usually have enough room for more complex cosplays.

What costumes do you already have?

Before you go and buy another cosplay just because it’s Halloween, consider what’s already in your closet. You might even have something you forgot about. Starting in your closet is a good way to save money (that you’ll no doubt spend on post-Halloween candy). If you decide against every costume you already have, try cosplays that you can borrow other items from. e.g., Bulma’s Bunny Suit can be used in a Black Canary cosplay or as part of a Zatanna cosplay.

How much time do you have and how time much will you need?

Ok, so technically this is two questions, but here’s why they’re rolled into one — time management is a beast. You’ll need to consider how much time you need to construct your costume, as well as how long it will take you to put your costume on. If you have the punk, leather jacket for Superboy, can you get his suit in time? You may want to do a full body Mystique cosplay, but your work schedule may insist on the JLaw version. Hair and makeup are totally part of prep and are often forgotten until the day of. Don’t forget to account for your day job!

Who are your friends/coworkers cosplaying as?

We all know cosplay is better with friends! If your holiday plans include a party with friends, coordinate your outfits. Ghibli and friends make some of the cutest, work appropriate cosplays. Knowing your friends’ costumes can help avoid multiple of the same characters (unless you’re hopping into the Spider-verse). Don’t be afraid to ask around to see what others are doing. There’s comfort in knowing you won’t be the only one to dress up!

Are you comfortable?

Speaking of comfort, are you comfortable? Comfort is key when cosplaying because there are a lot of variables unaccounted for. People may want pictures if you’re in costume in the daytime. It’s ok to tell them no. Maybe you had decided on a leggy or warm weather cosplay and Mother Nature decided to reiterate that it is indeed a windy fall. Be sure to have an extra set of clothes to change into in case of weather change, costume mishap, or if some Halloween creep makes you uncomfortable. Cosplay is meant to be fun, so place your personal comfort above all.

If you’re still unsure about what to cosplay for Halloween, try one of the Pac-Man ghosts. (I’m going as Clyde.)

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