Better Than Us

Better Than Us is a scifi futuristic series from Netflix. About a world where robots are commonplace. A family in the midst of falling apart becomes owners of the most advanced bot in the world. 

I’ve watched the first few(3) episodes. I’m not really sure if I like it. The episode are 50 minutes but the story moves really slow. It looks like it has the opportunity to be really good all the elements are all there. A cutting age robot different from all the rest, a super shady corporation, a robot hating cop, a family in crisis (including a teenage boy), the mob and the guy that wraps the family into this situation. It definitely gives me IRobot vibes. So far the little girl Sonya is my favorite. There is definitely something weird about their robot Arisa. The series does touch on some things like will robots pollute human interaction and relationships. 

 I’m going to give it one more episode. And I’ll give u an update. If you have watched it let me know in the comments what you thought. I’m hoping for epic action.  Should I hold out and keep going or should I cut my losses.

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