Can you handle this? Nick’s Interview w/ Pedi Amiri

20956_324181348975_682588975_4816661_329341_nI don’t think this interview could have gone any better. Probably my favorite yet, and so inspiring!

NV: Looking back at your career, if you could change something now would you?

PA: I would have picked up a habit of playing the keys at a younger age.

NV: What does the future hold for you as an artist.

PA: I wish I knew the answer to that…. But I can tell you that I’ve have a new project that I’m basically throwing most of my creative time into. It’s both myself and my band-mate Mikey Francis (Afghan Raiders). I really like the work we’ve been doing and i intend to put lots more time into it.

264660_10150362358923976_682588975_10077809_2966471_nNV: Describe what it is you do?

PA: I’m a music producer and a dj. I play nightclubs in LA (Avalon) and Vegas (several spots) on a regular basis. In the studio i create on all kinds of music.








NV: Who are you influenced by?

    PA: I’m influenced by artists of all kinds. Dead and alive. Im influenced by music.. be it electronic or rock and roll, etc. Im influenced by fashion, film, sound, etc. I suppose you could say I’m greatly influenced by the 5 senses.

NV: What drives you to step outside the box?

PA: Everything! What currently exists inside the box just isn’t very inspiring… So i have this natural desire to beat the box down and use it’s flaps to create something much more interesting… like a palace.

NV: What kind of impact do you wish your music has on the people?

PA: The same impact that music i love has on me… I’d like for people to connect with it on a deeply personal level. It doesn’t have to make people wanna make babies or kill another person.. but it should at least get you thinking about it. Honestly. i like when music gets under my skin and hits my heart.. so i’d like for my music to do just that to the listener.


NV: At what point in life did thing’s start going your way, or has fate always worked in your favor?183404_10150188218483976_682588975_8754422_1177627_n


PA: Things have always been a bit of a give and take… but that’s life isn’t it? On an average day you win and lose just a little. Life has definitely not always worked in my favor… But i see that as a plus, cause you needed the fucked time’s to light the torch under your ass and inspire you to be greater..

NV: Also, i have noticed that the more driven i am to accomplish something, the more things go my way.

NV: Your look is very unique, are you responsible, for this image?

PA: Thank you. Most definitely. I look however i want and I never turn to a current trend for input.

 284457_10150382991693976_682588975_10298787_6289015_n NV: What do you enjoy most about your job?

PA: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love that the hours were completely opposite of the common persons. Im not a morning guy… My work starts when most people sleep; I go to sleep when most working people wake up. I enjoy the weirdness of it. Most of all, though, the obvious and honest answer to this question is that i enjoy making music that people can connect to… There’s nothing that feels better than knowing the art you create is appreciated and experienced by the world around you. That’s easily my favorite part.

NV: Thanks man, you rock but I’m sure your aware of this already.

Peace out readers, and stay hydrated!

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