College Degree at YouTube University

College students sit in a lecture class for four hours or more a few times a week for a promising career in the future. During class sessions the professor will pull up a video off Youtube as a part of the seminar. Should we begin accrediting our education to Youtube? Are students investing thousands of dollars at a University for the same education(or better) that can be received at home for free?


YouTube is not only a phenomenon but a cultural movement of our time. To be completely honest, I have learned how to cut, edit and mix videos on complex programs such as Adobe Premiere and FinalCut Pro off two hour lecture videos on YouTube. Going to class has simply taught me how to save a video file and how to balance my caffeine intake. I have learned how to remove an abscess off my tooth at YouTube University, without the costly debt of going to a dentist.



YouTube will teach you how to use your pineal gland to transport to other dimensions and evolve into a higher being.



You can literally grow up and become the part-time rocket scientist and full-time lawyer you’ve always wanted to be off YouTube. As a fantastic platform for advertisement and marketing used by companies and businesses, you don’t need a degree to get 420,302 views on your homemade music video. YouTube needs to start a degree program where dedicated students can receive a Master’s degree for spending 60 hours or more watching how-to videos on making ketchup.