Computers 2018

Computers from the year 2010, for example, differentiate from the computers that are being created in this era. Technology such as, smartphones and tablets have also evolved and at times have replaced the usage of computers in many homes.

As noted by Digital Trends, “….while manufacturers might lament the decline in desktop sales, it’s all good news for consumers. You’ve always been able to get more bang for your buck out of a desktop computer than you could of, say, a laptop. Now more than ever, desktop manufacturers are in fierce competition to provide you with the best value without sacrificing performance.”

Digital Trends provided a list of desktops for different users like gamers, professionals, enthusiasts, including students and families.

1) Falcon Northwest Mach V (2016)
It is fast and remains quiet.
Users: Professionals, Gamers, Overclocking Enthusiasts
Cost: $8,787.00

2) Dell Inspiron 5675
It provides good performance on a budget.
Users: Families, Students
Cost: $700.00 or a bit less depending where you purchase it.

3) Digital Storm Velox.
It provides a carbon-fiber clad jet engine that also runs games. It is known as the best gaming PC.
Users: Gamers, anyone into video games
Cost: $1,704.00-$4,737.00 (Cost varies in different companies).

4) Apple Mac 27-inch with 5K Display. It is Mac OS and a stylish, compact computer.
Users: Families, Students, Creative Professionals, Ikea Showrooms
Cost: $1, 499.99-$1,729.00 (available in Best Buy and Amazon).

The list above is from computers that were listed in the year 2017, a little before the year 2018 arrived. The prices have probably changed by this time—April 2018.

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