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Double Shot makes his comic book debut

Your favorite coffee loving superhero FINALLY makes his Comic Book debut in Tales from the Streets of Guangzhou #2.

Double Shot is officially in the books! Check out the latest issue from AIC Comics. The man known as The American is asked to put a stop to the triad’s reign over the neighborhood. In order for the American to stop the triad, he needs to find out information from the man who has the ear everywhere, Double Shot.


It all starts with a man who visits The American. He tells the American that his family is in trouble with the triad and if they don’t pay their money. From that point, the action begins!

Tales from the Streets of Guangzhou #2

The American is a bad ass vigilante who doesn’t take nonsense from anyone. He believes in what’s good but does things his way.

Tales from the Streets of Guangzhou #2 preview

Michael Kelley is the writer of Tales from the Streets of Guangzhou #2. Read below to learn what he wrote about himself on

“I grew up reading comics in the 80’s and 90’s – everything from Garfield and Peanuts in the Sunday paper to TMNT, Spider-Man, X-Men, and Superman. Seeing my favorite characters come to life on the small screen only deepened my love for them; you couldn’t pull me away from the TV on Saturdays until my morning cartoons were over. But it was Michael Keaton’s Batman that truly blew my mind and turned a love into an obsession. Over the years I dreamed of creating my own comics, but my lack of any artistic talent kept me from seeing that dream become a reality. But in April 2017 I finally made the decision to work with some amazing artists who are just as dedicated to my characters as I am.”

The issue is $2.99 on

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