Electrolic Live on Land


Live on Land

Independent Release, 2012

Compellingly seductive and sweetly sleepy, Electrolic is a two man Indie synth pop project helmed by Scott Gagner and Steve Enstad.  This is some of the smoothest, most beautifully disarming music you’ll be privy to in recent memory.

“Benefit of the Doubt” offers some wryly comical lyrics on lapses in judgment, being escorted by security, and people not at their best, the song is propelled with a driven beat that makes it irresistible.

Their cover of The Cars “Drive” is an elegantly dreamy construct, with the song drawn out and re-imagined almost into ether. “Belmont Pedigree” kicks off as a bona fide rocker, just to let you know they can. And it’s a nice step up, without breaking the mood. “Refreshing” sounds like it could have come from the first two Badfinger albums, staggered beat, beatific harmonies and all.

Do not underestimate the strength of this band. With a strong emphasis on hooks and melody, Electrolic take their time allowing these songs to unfold and reveal themselves easily, endearing themselves to you before you even know it’s happened.

Cheerful, pensive and bemused all at once, this is a deeply textured album of highly listenable pop songs, the kind which has been sorely missing from your playlists for some time now.



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