Elisa Lovelie and The Device Get Caught in the Undertow

Elisa Lovelie and The Device


Independent Release, 2013

Elisa-CVRElisa Lovelie and The Device is among the growing ranks of artists who’s musical stylings aren’t easily categorized or pigeonholed. And Elisa et. al, pull this off far better than many of the other like minded, would be, musical chameleon’s.

Starting off with a a declaration of independence, “I Don’t Need You,” is solid rocker any sweaty headbanger would be proud to claim.

“Black and Blue” starts off with a faux music box intro, before charging headlong into a mid-tempo number. It calls to mind a lot of early 90′s alt-rock in the vein of Fetching Bones and pre-mainstream success 10,000 Mainiacs. Gorgeous melodies and vexing emotions all at once.

But the real interesting turns on the disc lie near the center. “When the Tide Goes Down,” pulls on a Morrocan feel and against a rhythm that slithers and pops, Elisa delivers a dramatic lament worthy of Ophelia’s final confused moments.

“Make Up Your Mind” moves a few scant miles across the water to Andalucia for a gypsy tinged dance number. This is a cabaret tour of the coast, and you with the best seat in the house.

The addition of the word “Blues” to anything can often bring cringe-worthy results. But remember that musical tour I was telling you about?

Miss Elisa Lovelie isn’t done yet, and neither are you. The final stop, an after hours Parisian hot club, and luckily for everyone, Django, has managed to sit in. “Bad Boy Blues,” is really a swing number thick with smoke and the lingering taste of anisette. The camp lyrics do the cabaret vibe justice. There’s nothing wrong with the rocking numbers on the disc. But few people can pull of this sort of theatrical thrill ride believably, so it may serve Elisa and all of those in The Device, to focus their exceptional talents here, where they will clearly stand apart.

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