Feel Good Fashion

The New York fashion scene is huge. Hoards of twenty-somethings exchange their paychecks and extend their lines of credit for the latest fabulosity to come down from the runway. So many women from all walks of life reach for the labels and brands that translate quality, glamour and status. Fashion is a beast that must be fed and it grows fatter by the season. But for some of us, fashion is more than what you’re told is hot and should rock. It’s about what makes you feel hot, what makes you rock. Case in point, my boots. Yes, they are heavy and rugged and unlaced. But when I slide my feet into them, I am a superhero. I can kick down a door or maneuver on my bike or trek through the snow or climb the side of mountain. Or climb the side of your face. Just kidding. I wear my Doc Martens Vintage 8 eye ankle boots pretty much every day the way I did in college. With skirts, jeans, shorts, whatever. It’s all good. My boots are like a force field around me no matter what kind of day it is.  If my hair and face are flawless, my boots give me an extra kick that make the whole package fierce.  And if I’m down in the dumps with a pimple the size of Wisconsin on my cheek, my boots make feel like it doesn’t matter because I’m way too cool to care anyway.  Today they look like they’ve seen better days but I call that “lovingly broken in”. They were once shiny and smooth, though I never did bother to lace them up. Before the Docs I did try my foot at the Chippewa lace up logger style. That worked for a while mostly with jeans. I did get pulled in the Timberland direction at one time, but the hikers were really just for winter and kicking around on more outdoorsy terrain. But once I hit the pavement in my current babies, there was no going back. My combat boots are the ultimate comfort gear and I would take them over UGGs any day. Don’t get wrong, I know when it’s time to slip into some patent leather peep toes or some 3-inch sling backs. But sometimes fashion should kick ass and feel good.

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