First Indigenous Actress Yalitza Aparicio Nominated For An Oscar

The first indigenous Mexican woman has been nominated for Best Actress. Her name is Yalitza Aparicio. Generally, nominated for a Leading Role at the Oscars.

Yalitza Aparicio’s stars in role as “Cleo” from the movie Roma. Roma brought her stardom.

Aparicio said she connected with Cleo. Mainly because of her mother. Her mother was a single mother. Her mother had worked as a housekeeper. Yet also a nanny.

Journalist Jorge Ramos interviewed Yalitza. On his program Al Punto that airs in Univision. “I never planned on becoming an actress,” answered Yalitza to one of Jorge’s questions. Yalitza had no formal acting training prior to filming Roma.

She studied Early Childhood Education in college. Actress Yalitza wanted to become a teacher. Aspiring of helping children learn. Thus later in life they would make a difference in the world.

Journalist Javier Poza on his YouTube channel En Formula, had the honor to personally interview Aparicio too. He asked her if she would continue with an acting career. She responded. “I will like to. If an opportunity presents itself. I will of course do it. I’ve heard comments. Where people have said I am not recognized as an actress. Because I never had an acting career. Like I said before, I was far away. From knowing about this entire world.

“Now I know there’s been many actors. Withought having an acting career that have done a good a job. But I am conscise that I have to study more. To acquire skills about theater. In order to learn more techiniques. And I’ve always admired. Well presently admire how actors achieve to hug their characters. And transmit things to others. You never expected from them. Well I desire to do that. Hopefully everything turns out in my favor. So I can take acting lessons.”

The film Roma was written by Mexican director Alfonso CuarĂ³n. Cuaron also edited the movie. The movie was filmed in black and white. Stated by a UK media source. It is personal to him. Since is based on his own childhood nanny (Cleo). It is said to be a semi-autobiographical story of his life growing up in Mexico City.

In a short time, Aparicio has become the most talked about actresses in the world. Her fame has ushered controversial comments. Due to her nomination in the Academy Awards.

Aside from that, it has brought positivity. Her participation in Roma has been able to bring visibility to Mexico’s indigenous people. As well as other people worldwide.

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