Florence Kasumba Joins Wonder Woman Cast.

In ‘Captain America: Civil War’ one character really stood out for fans…Black Panther’s Security Chief, a member of the lethal Dora Milaje portrayed by Florence Kasumba. Ms Kasumba had one line ( said to Black Widow) and it was killah “Move or you will be moved” a line repeated around the internet and in the streets with fervor and awe. With this one line, a bald head, a high fashion beauty sense and her badassness, Florence has netted a role in the much talked about stand-alone “Wonder Woman” movie as Senator Acantha, an Amazon of Themyscira.

Florence will also make a return appearance in the stand-alone Black Panther movie as the aforementioned Security Chief and possibly the leader of the elite Dora Milaje; Wakandan women who work as bodyguards for Black Panther.
Last summer was a white-wash summer depending on the director, Ridley Scott I’m looking at you and I could throw in the Oscars for good measure. Many people are talking about the diversity issues of Hollywood offline and online, but lets hope with the addition of Senator Acantha, the writers and producers remember that Themyscira is a diverse place and there will be no “Gods of Egypt” like white washing.

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