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Free Sewing Patterns for Cosplay Costumes

Hey guy,

So I don’t know how crafty you are or how well you can sew but I have a little gift for you. Below are some free sewing patterns for cosplay costumes. I found these on the Mood Fabrics site. Mood Fabric does have a brick and mortar location here in New York City. They also had a booth at New York Comic Con this year. I have been a huge fan of this store since I discovered it on the hit TV show Project Runway. They are a great place to get fabric and almost any sewing need. Don’t be afraid of cosplay, let your geek flag fly. Live your dream to be Sailor Scout, a Saiyans or The Doctor. There is no judgement just love here. Send in your cosplay to me on Instagram and I will post my favorites. If you are a beginner to sewing take into account that this takes patience, you will mess up and don’t be afraid to watch a few YouTube tutorials.

If you have any cosplay tips for those interested in jumping in leave a comment below.


The Enif Cosplay – Free Negasonic Sewing Pattern – Mood Sewciety

Mood Cosplay: Free GotG2 Star-Lord Jacket Pattern – Mood Sewciety

The Delta Cosplay – Free Sewing Pattern – Mood Sewciety

The Castor Cosplay – Free T’Challa Sewing Pattern – Mood Sewciety

The Corvus Cosplay – Free Ramonda Sewing Pattern – Mood Sewciety

The Andromeda – Free Cosplay Sewing Pattern – Mood Sewciety

Mood DIY: Free Kids’ Wonder Woman Costume Template – Mood Sewciety


Your Geekcaster,