Grounding Breaking News-Historic Day for Equal Rights


As our multimedia feeds are swarmed today with the incredible news that DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) has been struck down, we rejoice in knowing we have created a pivotal moment in history: equality for human rights.

For many in the LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community, the right for equality has been a long, difficult journey with extreme moments of rejoicing when gay marriage was approved, to traumatic times of these laws being repealed.

For W.Chandler Krison, who currently resides in Chicago, IL, he has experienced many sides of these laws as he’s lived across the country. He revisits these historical moments, reflecting on the progress made along with the disappointing moments that occurred simultaneously. “In 2008, I was living in West Hollywood, California. I remember wanting to celebrate the election of Barack Obama but the evening was eclipsed by news of Proposition 8 (a state measure specifying marriage as only between a man and woman) had been passed. The next night, thousands of LGBT community members and supporters rallied in the heart of West Hollywood and marched the streets of Los Angeles in protest.”

Krison discusses the changes that have taken place since the 2008 experience. “Over 4.5 years later, and as of today, our country’s highest court in the land ruled that not only did Proposition 8 have no legal withstanding, but also, the Defense of Marriage Act was completely unconstitutional. As the month of June is known as a month to celebrate LGBT communities and individuals, let us rejoice in today’s ruling yet also remember the 38 other states hesitating to acknowledge equal rights for all individuals.Federal laws now acknowledge the value and importance of equal rights for same sex couples. However, having now lived in Atlanta and Chicago, I fully realize the work that remains in the states in which those cities reside. Let’s hope today’s ruling expedites laws that one day include all LGBT citizens.”

Texan native Garrett De La Cerda has also dealt first hand the difficulties being part of the LGBT community regarding his civil rights. He is an active member in church and expresses that this is a civil matter, not a religious one. Today he shares his views with us regarding the groundbreaking DOMA news. “Today’s decision had nothing to do with religion. Today’s decision was about law. The SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) said that gay and lesbians shall be afforded the same rights, privileges and protections under law that are granted under the 14th amendment. Today was a great day for our democracy. We are standing in the gaze of history”

As we have made incredible progress in history today, De La Cerda reminds us the fight for full freedom still remains. “With that in mind, our country took 10 steps back yesterday when SCOTUS tossed out portions of the VRA (Voting Rights Act). We have a long way to go. But to quote Edward Kennedy: “The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream shall never die.”

We will be covering more news on this topic as we continue to watch history making great changes for basic human rights. Just as the 14th amendment made remarkable changes in equal rights for African Americans and the 19th amendment gave women the right to vote, we are now in an era of equality for all humans rights at its highest.

Let’s keep climbing that ladder to full freedom for all!



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