Have goals and smash them with Becca Burkhart

Becca Burkhart is a fitness coach from the Keystone State. She is a devoted mother and successful businesswoman. Becca believes in creating goals for yourself and smashing them with the best of your ability. Fitness is a lifestyle for her and she takes great joy in helping others make it a part of their lifestyle. Read below to learn more about Becca Burkhart and her journey in fitness.

1) What is your first and last name? Where were you born and raised?

Hi! I’m Becca Burkhart and I was born in raised outside of Pittsburgh, but now I live outside of Philadelphia.

2) Where did you attend college? What was your major?

I went to Arcadia University for marketing and management.

3) What inspired you to become a fitness coach?

I became a fitness coach because fitness has always been a big part of my life. For me it truly is a lifestyle and I love being a part of it. For me to be able to help others make it a part of their lifestyle is special for me.

4) Who has been a big influence in your life?

I grew up with one side of my family being extremely active, and always leaned towards that! My dad and older sister ran marathons, and we were outside from the time we woke up until after dinner. My father was also a bodybuilder back in the day so he really encouraged I get into hitting the iron, and it has saved my life.

5) How are you able to balance work and taking care of your family?

Our family is hectic to say the least. With my husband working rotational shift work and my working crazy early hours, we stay flexible. We try to prep meals and have tons of healthy pre-cooked food in the house so we don’t just order pizza every night. We take our 2 dogs and son for a walk/hike almost every day and try to catch up while getting everyone out of the house!

Becca Burkhart with her son

6) What is your favorite exercise and why?

Rear-leg-elevated Smith machine Split squats. They are the devil, and I love to hate them, but they are incredibly effective in building strength in your legs and glutes.

7)What are your favorite hobbies?

When I have time for hobbies I really enjoy riding my bike, cooking, and hiking. Getting outside as much as possible has been my goal lately! I also love listening to podcasts and reading, be it a book or an article online.

8) Do you have a favorite superhero/cartoon character?

My favorite hero is Wolverine. He fights the good fight but he isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, the goody goodies just don’t excite me. His physicality is also something to be desired. The regeneration ability and the claws just make him such a badass.

9) I have a super hero called Double Shot who has the ability to create and manipulate coffee. If the world was in danger, do you think he can save the world?

If Double Shot is our last hope then by all means I hope he can! I’ve seen people do some crazy things with enough coffee.

10) If you had a million dollars and you had to choose two types of charities to give away the money, which two would you choose?

I would pick a charity that can teach people how to buy groceries and cook in ways that are healthy and inexpensive. We have a HUGE obesity problem, and part of that problem is not knowing what/how to cook and realizing how cheap healthy eating can actually be. My second charity would be  a children’s outdoor preservation program. Teaching our youth the importance of keeping our environment clean and teaching sustainability to those who have a long time on Earth may benefit it greatly!

Becca Burkhart

11) Do you have a fitness program you would like to share with the readers?

Yes! I have online challenges every couple of months, and offer one-on-one coaching as well. The focus is teaching you to eat and fuel your body properly. My clients can still enjoy their favorite drinks and treats while get strong as hell. I also have a free online community where we discuss fitness, nutrition, mindset and so much more. I’ll link that below!

12) If you had to give any advice to the young people out there, what would it be?

My advice for other young people (I’m still young right?) is to not get set in your ways. You have no idea where your life is going to take you and how you will get there. Have goals and smash them but don’t let tunnel vision block out other opportunities, because you might miss out  on something amazing!

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