Hillary Clinton’s Short List for Running Mate

As the upcoming 2016 presidential elections draw nearer, there is speculation over who is going to be chosen as the running mate for front runner Democrat Hillary Clinton and for the presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump. While Trump has yet to release his short list for vice-president, it is reported that Clinton has narrowed  hers down to three potential candidates: Virginia senator Tim Kaine, uber popular Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren, and Texas native Julian Castro who also serves as the Housing and Urban Development Secretary. Why are these particular candidates being looked at? Let’s get educated on a brief history of each.

Tim Kaine


Kaine is a senator from Virginia and former governor. A quick google search shows that Kaine was born in Minnesota and grew up in the Kansas City area of Missouri. He holds a BA in economics from the University of Missouri and went on to graduate from Harvard Law School in 1983. He practiced law specializing in representing people who had been denied housing due to disability or race. Interestingly enough, Kaine is a practicing Roman Catholic (shocker), and while privately against abortion; has encouraged lawmakers to focus on the importance of abstinence. How well that’s going to go over with the more liberal side of Clinton’s supporters is up for debate.

Elizabeth Warren

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Warren is arguably the most well-known name on Clinton’s short list. She is a current US senator from Massachusetts and former Harvard Law professor. She grew up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to middle class parents and attended George Washington University on scholarship at the age of 16. After getting a degree in pathology from the University of Houston and attending Rutgers School of Law, she began working as a lawyer. For many years, Warren voted Republican before switching to Democrat, and has stated that she votes for both sides due to her belief that neither party should dominate.

 Julian Castro


Castro is the lesser known name on the Clinton shortlist, but has an impressive resume. He was the mayor of his native city San Antonio, before being appointed the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development by Obama in 2014. He is the twin brother of Joaquin Castro, a  US Representative. He graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in communications and political science and went on to Harvard Law School. He is an advocate for LGBTQ rights but is no stranger to controversy; he was criticized for facilitating the sale of foreclosed homes to Wall Street firms.

These are the possible candidates as Clinton’s running mate.  Although the person she selects will be announced in a few short weeks,  she may still surprise the American public and go with someone else.