Idol Vice from Edelweiss

DSC_0693-copy-580x384Boys will be boys. Some boys like to fight, other boys love sports but the real cool boys like to travel all along the East Coast to be rockstars, and make it back home to Pennslyvania and try to make it to class the next day. This unique set of sound is an intriguing mix of heavy rock, groove, lounge and vocals that remind me of a late 90s, post-indie experimental scene. Their clothing style ranges from Cobain grunge to 50’s rockabilly slick back. Edelweiss spends a lot of their time listening to bands like Bloc Party and Arctic Monkeys. Their stage presence of Edelweiss is heavily influenced by Bad Brains and punk dance. These gentlemen lose all sense of inhibition on stage by getting wild, stroking out their guitars and domestically abusing the drums.DSC_0677-copy-580x384



For a young band, they have toured all along the North East and have recently played at New York’s very own Knitting Factory, Party Expo, and Mercury Lounge(Just to name a few, aside from meeting them at Tammany Hall.) They have also opened up for successful indie rock band Dive. Aside from being an awesome all-teenage boy band, they enjoy normal activities such as skateboarding, hiking and even cross country. Edelweiss reminds me of a team of dancers dripping of youth and angst- destructive yet playful.DSC_0699-copy-580x384

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