Kanye West: Bad Behavior or Misunderstood ?


“I still grow up, I’m a grown ass kid…swear, I should be locked up for stupid shit that I did.”  From the first single Kayne West released, he has let the world know how he feels. Did we really expect him to grow up in the last couple of years, in which he’s enjoyed fame, fortune, and accolades? Are we, “hating” on Kayne because we can’t do what he does or be who he is? Or, has he pulled the wool over our eyes and we can’t see the little insecure boy inside?

Kanye has a passion for music that goes beyond our comprehension. He has taken his enthusiasm and did what some said he couldn’t.  If you keep knocking doors down, we, as human beings, tend to get a little cocky. Kanye enjoys a lifestyle many would envy, while topping the charts and creatively staying ahead of the game. The “Hollywood” lifestyle he enjoys tends to put shades on reality and make him look invincible to some. At that aptitude,  people tend to get a little high but, maybe, Kanye is simply acting out a fantasy.

“When will he grow up, act like an adult?”  He is grown up, he is doing what he wants to do. As a kid, we’ve all said, ” I can’t wait to grow up so I can do what I want to do”. Well, Kanye is–living his childhood dream and doing what he wants. The problem is society doesn’t approve of us showing our true feelings, so we are forced to pretend that they don’t exist. This especially affects men, hence the communication problems most men have . However, it is apparent that Kayne has no problem expressing his feelings. It’s just the manner in which he does it  that sometimes can be a bit extreme. Is he, as my” me-mama”  would say, “feeling his Cheerios”, or does he really think he is just that damn good?

In my opinion, Kanye is a creative genius and is all-that and a bag of chips. I just want to give Kanye a hug because he reminds me of the little kids in class that show out and do things for attention. Once someone gives them some TLC, that kid shines like a star and surprises everyone with how smart and talented they are. The media has given Kanye a beating, but he just needs a little TLC.  The little boy inside just wants to make sure he is not being overlooked because, even though everyone is staring at him, no one really seesKANYE.

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