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Micheline Hess

The writer and illustrator of the comic, “Malice in Ovenland,” Micheline Hess describes herself as a creator and storyteller. She shares her journey as a writer and what she takes delight in for what she accomplishes.

“Malice in Ovenland,” is about what occurs when a young character name, Lilly Brown is sucked down into her oven one weekend during the summer season while being at home, doing chores. Not only is Micheline Hess the creator of comic, “Malice in Ovenland” but also, “The Anansi Kids Club” and “The All Saints Day Adventure.” “This adventure takes place in the West Indies, where my mom is from and embraces aspects of Afro-Caribbean folklore,” said Hess. Adding that, “I enjoy doing fantasy adventure for kids because, as a child, I almost never saw brown skinned kids like me starring in their own adventures. I also do comics with more of a socio-political slant for The New Yorker.”

Beyond revealing stories, Micheline finds pleasure in drawing too. “I enjoy telling stories as well as drawing so, comics are a great outlet for that! As I’ve only published comics I create for a short time, it’s also something I strive to get better at. Creating stories and worlds that have characters that are relatable and believable is not always easy to I’m always trying to get better at it. Finishing a long story can be a real challenge, especially when I’m working fulltime. When I find myself at the point where I’m coloring or lettering the final page, it really feels good. Like I accomplished a major goal. It also feels a bit relieving, since it can be hard for me to focus on just one story or project for an extended period of time,” said Hess.

The best part about her job is when children are overjoyed with her work. “I love seeing kids eyes light up when they open a comic I’ve done. Watching them get sucked into the story, tells me that I’ve done a good job and also inspires me to keep going,” explained Hess.

Her plan for the future is to continue creating more issues for both: “Malice in Ovenland” and “The Anansi Kids Club.” “I am also interested in creating a story that’s based around pollution and trying to create a cleaner environment. My most recent project was just for me. It was called Snow Dog and talks about a dog I once owned named Bailey, and how much he loved the winter. If time permits, I’d like to create a mini comic for each season that focuses on the good times I had with him,” stated Hess.

Micheline Hess piece of advice for aspiring creators was, “If you have a story in your head that you’d like to bring to life, don’t hesitate. Start right now! I spent a lot of time doubting myself, and my ability as a comic storyteller before I finally started.
But life if short, so don’t waste time. Start writing. Start drawing. Start thinking about the world you want to create. The potential a person has is limitless.”

For more information about Micheline Hess and her creative work, visit or follow her on her Instagram: @ovenlandcomic