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Miss Frostburg-Invisible Illness Queen

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, 22 year old, Victoria Graham is soon to be 23 in April. This young woman lives in a small town called Manchester. It’s located in the state of Maryland. She is a special beauty queen—Miss Frostburg with a testimony of life.

Miss Frostburg has been sick her entire life with a syndrome name Ehlers-Danlos. An incurable genetic condition with very little treatment. Victoria was diagnosed with this syndrome a little after she was ten years old. After having major back injury.

Freely she has shared what she will like the world to know and learn from her syndrome battle.

“The world to know that, Yes! I have a disability and I am no lesser than anyone else. On the contrary, I can work just as hard, achieve just as much, even with this disease.

“….everyone has an obstacle they must overcome. Mine is medical, someone else might struggle to accept who they see in the mirror. Another may have family troubles, but all have something they are battling. Those battles and obstacles can be overcome. You just have to work hard for it.”

The beauty queen is passionate about children in the hospital setting. Since she grew up in a hospital and was one of those sick children. Her heart is fully compassionate with just the thought of how devastating it can be for a child. Young Victoria does her best to ease the hardships for the kids and families in the hospitals.

Long time ago she has organized, while she was a freshman in college “Bringing a Ray of Sunshine.”

“Bringing a Ray of Sunshine” is for kids that are in hospitals. For example, she’s brought blankets, a coloring sheet, and accomplishing anything for both families and children. In order to put a smile on their faces. She’s even done prom for children’s hospitals.

The most important thing in this world for Victoria is the love that she has for her family. Moreover, the love that her family gives her in return.

“I have been through a lot, but my family went through it with me and were right by my side (even when they did not have to be). When I was sick, my dad would sit on the bathroom floor with me.”

Two people who Victoria feels like she would be nothing without are her mother and grandmother. Her mother and grandmother too have battled with Ehler’s-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) their entire lives. Aside from that have become incredible wives, workers, and mothers. Beauty queen Victoria wishes to be half as strong and successful as they are.

For the past several years the medical bills have been burdensome. Not only to Victoria but to her family. One day, she hopes of paying off her medical debt.

Regardless of what Victoria has faced and continues to, her family would be strong for her. Considering theres been times she has lacked strength. They have carried her lifeless body into the ER. Those are moments in life that she cherishes due to her family’s love for her.

This upcoming June 2017, she will compete for the title of Miss Maryland. Graham, Victoria will walk in faith to continuously inspire others as she already has done.

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