Money Heist’s Third Phenomenon

Money Heist is known as the best Latin Netflix TV show. It is name as, “La Casa de Papel” in spanish. As Games Radar confirmed when it first came out it is the most watched Hispanic show.

Money Heist with 2 parts made it’s premiere back in 2017, and it is still streaming on Netflix. The show is about a professor who planned a robbery at the Royal Mint of Spain years before him and his elite criminal gang initiated the plan. The professor mainly knew how to carry out his plan by manipulating the police. If you watch the first episode of Money Heist, the expectancy to watch the second episode will be high. It is one of those shows that will leave you clicking, “continue watching” because it has the capability to grab your attention and leaves you wondering what will happen NEXT.

In the spring of 2018, Netflix confirmed it’s 3rd season coming up for Money Heist in 2019. As 2019 soon approaches, it is not yet announce how many episodes will be involved. In the 3rd season, the professor will be in charge again but his team will be undertaking different heists.

Money Heist has been a global phenomenon and according to Netflix, the 3rd season will come with more surprises because the professor will develop new heists. Don’t be waiting to watch Money Heist if you haven’t seen it. Watch the first two parts and be ready to be glued on to your couch for it’s 3rd season too.

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