Money Mou$e: Waka Flocka’s New Artist Talks Chedda Chasin’ & The Future of Hip-Hop

With a name like Money Mou$e, one better be all about the cheese. Waka Flocka’s new artist is all of that and then some. And he plans on taking the music game to new heights, with his debut project, Chedda Chasin’ the Mixtape, which drops Christmas Day.

The Brick Squad Monopoly artist recently stopped by radio personality Georgia Ellyse’s Midday Show to talk about the mixtape’s concept, with features from Waka and Too $Short, and the future of hip-hop.

On Chedda Chasin’
This is my first project[…] It’s my introduction to the whole game of being an emcee and I approached it like a gentleman. My guy was going to get married and I told him I wanted to do the music for his bachelor party, so the music is for a bachelor’s party.

It’s a lot of Atlanta sound behind it, but I’m a Midwest kid, so I spit and I rap over those Down South beats. Then I took it to Cali… then to New York and built over there…Amongst all that moving, I just named it Chedda Chasin’.

On the future of hip-hop
People say [the game] dying, but we’re working hard and we’re young, so we got a lot of opportunity to show them what it’s going do and where it’s going to go. It’s at a real good place. It’s at a place where anybody can prove themselves right now and get there name out there and get a way to make this their career — depending on how hard they work it.

Press play for the full interview and to peep visuals from his title track.

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