My Biggest Problem with Cons

For a long time my biggest problem with cons has been the lack of practical items that expressed my fandom. How many plushies does a girl in her late twenties need. How many keychains can one girl have. I need items I can tie into my everyday life. Well Big Apple Con wither on purpose or by stroke of luck got it right. I found three vendors as at the cons that definitely could help me represented my fandom in a more practical way. The first is “Geek Emporium”. At the con they had some awesome custom glasses (cups) and mason jars. His work is etched so it will stand the test of time and the dishwasher safe. The second was “Lady Arielle Presents”. She had everything from Dr.Who’s pocket watch to a Pokemon gym badges.  She was super nice and we had the best conversation about a ton of different fandoms. The last was Mtc Toys. This vendor had a huge variety of fandom t-shirts, sweater, hockey jerseys and patches. I have seen this vendor at other cons and they always have the best selection of patches and T-shirts.

I think Big Apple con is definitely on the right track with their vendors.  


Geek Emporium

Nelson Mas. C.E.O


Esty: GeekEmporiumnyc

Twitter: GeekEmporiumnyc


Lady Arielle Presents



Danny and Grace Mancini

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