My Take of Women Today….

We have all seen women dress very provocatively. Raunchy behavior, foul language, and an over all bad attitude to match their demeanor is too prevalent in today’s world.   It is all too common today for females young and old worldwide to compete with one another for any attention they can get. Low self esteem, insecurity, misguided beliefs of what makes  a successful woman, and an over sexed, over stimulated invasion of  popular artists in the media such as NICKI MINAJ, RIHANNA, & MILEY CYRUS are the ingredients for the powder keg that has exploded in most of the generations of women in our communities around the globe.


Girls as young as 14 years old with waists as small as 19 inches are starving themselves to be thinner; passing out in schools due to wearing waist trimmers! College students idolizing reality personalities like Kim Kardashian, making it their main goal in life to be in a sex tape hoping for instant sky rocketed Super Stardom instead of working on their Education! Taking the fast, easy way to success is now the norm! What is going on?


Females are overdosing on the belief that they are not good enough by society’s standards before they are 5! Don’t believe me? Just watch the popular cartoons. They showcase obnoxiously thin characters, while larger sizes tend to be not so popular.  The popular little girl dolls have long flowing hair as an indication of their beauty, while shorter hair is depicted as the average girl, The Rebel Edgy Girl at best. What message is constantly being conveyed? More importantly, how can we turn our noses up at such girls or women trapped within their own minds believing that this is the way life is supposed to be? The belief that there is more value in the bag they carry, or in the label of clothes they wear, or on the red bottomed shoes killing their feet! How can we sneer at these poor women and girls who have deluded thoughts that the exaggerated plastic surgery performed on their faces, and bodily assets, don’t actually make them beautiful as they are brainwashed to believe so? That they are  a target of the vicious cycles, social myths, and fallacies perpetuated by society; a trap that deceives them  as to who they must be to be accepted?


There is no denying a girl or woman who literally buys into this mania is doing so with silent yet obvious cries for HELP. There is a seriously low level of Love for self in that person! Self improvement is perfectly normal, healthy even for self esteem & inner growth. Every person should in their own way be, “fine tuning” themselves throughout their lives;however, I’m writing about the extreme cases we are seeing far too often in Music Videos, Reality Shows, and in our communities today. The things we roll our eyes at, and love to gossip about;or perhaps these are things that we envy, secretly idolize, and try to mimic. Whatever take on this matter you may have, consider this: when does being an individual with her or his own uniqueness become the trend? When does true originality become the “new thing” to be?


It will become these things when we learn to let the images of Hollywood, TV, and Videos be just that…IMAGES, and not our standard of living. We must realize that the people & things we see on TV do not really look like that themselves. We must stop enabling all parts of society to tell us what is  “beautiful”, “popular”, “normal”, or “how to live”. That is based on a small percent of the population’s opinion. Girls and women must begin to live their own individual lives … UNAPOLOGETICALLY!


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