New York International Auto Show 2018

“Girls Guide To Cars” provided plenty of insight. During my visit to the New York International Auto show. The main information that they shared was the sound that is transmitted. For those who listen to music. While being in the car. They too shared fun facts that interests those who would like to learn more about cars.

The brand Toyota has a best-selling auto that is known as “Hero Vehicle” which is a Toyota Camry. Planner of Toyota desired a special vehicle. And that’s how the “Hero Vehicle” became a new trend.

As I mentioned above, the “Hero Vehicle” was further described by PR Specialist from “Girls Guide To Cars” to have that special sound. “It has a horn tweeter that gets the energy of the sound.” The incredible sound is emphasized as the JBL Toyota system. “There are speakers in the interior of the vehicle,” added the PR Specialist. “The JBL was created surrounded by musicians.”

Moreover, a lady from the “Girls Guide To Cars” explained that, “All Toyota cars have pretty much the same system.” The PR Specialist additionally talked about a system which is the Safety Sense System. Celebrated as Toyota Safety Sense P (TSS-P). “It detects every pedestrian and every single vehicle here has that,” added the lady.

The 2018 Official Show Program Forward Fast: New York International Auto Show magazine stated the following: “TSSP-P is a comprehensive upgrade that equips the Sienna Witt, Pre-Collision system with Pedestrian Detection, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist, Automatic High Beams, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.”

The “Girls Guide To Cars” ladies also spoke about the new full-size SUV Lincoln Navigator. In which I went in and sat down in the back seat. I got to experience it’s inside and generous comfort. Comfort for the legs and entire body overall. While filming two Facebook Live sessions.

Similar to the Toyota vehicle sound system, the Lincoln Navigator from the Lincoln Motor Company has partnered up with Revel and Revel Ultima audio systems. “…..the architecture of the tweeter, provides a good reachable sound to the ears,” said a member of “Girls Guide To Cars.”

I noticed the vehicle audio, which was right beside me, as I remained seated. It gave me the option to alter the radio. “How cool is that?” and that’s when I comprehended the reason that one of the “Girls Guide To Cars” ladies mentioned,”……every row of seating provides an opportunity for anybody to experience everything, even the outside view.”

There was a famous car. It was a Sports Sedan from KIA. Known as the KIA Stinger. “It drives like a dream,” stated a lady from “Girls Guide To Cars.” They wanted to create 60’s from Europe. It is a kick ass engine!”

I was shown more sophisticated vehicles. However since there are over 25 current models, I will like to end by describing the car that grasped my attention. It was the “Genesis car built in Germany” as noted by one of the ladies from “Girls Guide To Cars.” It is better recognized as the Genesis Essentia Electric Sports car.

To further learn about what auto manufacturers have to offer, you still have time to visit the New York International Auto Show. There you will see the current debuted models until April 8, 2018. Visit