TRIBUTES            DISTRICT                    WEAPON

Barak                      Columbia                  He’s the President

Newt                       Southern                     Good Old Boys

Rick                         Eastern                               God

Ron                     Southwestern                        Texas

Mitt                      Midwestern                           Money


Happy Presidential Hunger Games, May he odds be ever stacked in your favor.


At this point in the game I’m sure we have all heard that; Mitt Romney is building an elevator in his house for his cars, Newt Gingrich asked his wife for a divorce while she was battling cancer, Barak Obama is a Muslim and a socialist, Rick Santorum almost said the N word when speaking about the President and that Ron Paul authored racist newsletters in the 80’s and early 90’s.

People probably wonder about the origins of the steady stream of political slap fighting. Information some true, some false is continuously being dished out for American consumption.  One such political tracker is called American Bridge 21st Century.  According to their website, “American Bridge 21st Century is a progressive research and communications organization committed to holding Republicans accountable for their words and actions and helping you ascertain when Republican candidates are pretending to be something they’re not.” In other words they bring us all the tasty sound bites from the candidates and help to further boggle our minds and redirect us from important issues.

I asked a few people in the Atlanta Metro area how the felt about the presidential race.

Justin F.: “The GOP is constantly trying to distract people from the real issues, but both parties play dirty.  “I don’t pay any attention to any of the negative comments; voters should stick to the matters at hand, like gas is really high right now.”

Greggory K.: “ The intake of all the negative rhetoric has caused “The Dumbafication of the American Public”,  the politicians are not for the people but for the lobbyist that pay them large sums of money to get them in office and carry out their special interests.  “Americans should not listen to all the nonsense and stop living in fear”. “The President is doing a good job”.

Mary M.: “I’m very aware of the mudslinging, that that’s just part of politics, I focus on the real issues, jobs, high gas prices and unemployment”.

It seems as though the politicians have little or no faith in the intelligence of the American people. The few people that I spoke with all said that they don’t allow the negative steering to influence them and that their votes are based on track records and hard facts.  However there is a large group of individuals that still want to see the Presidents birth certificate, believe that he was born in Africa and is a Muslim, so apparently some is listening to the noise.

Like the Hunger Games the cannons will sound and we’ll listen for the names of the four fallen tributes.