Q & A With “The Day We Left Earth”

Q. Firstly, why the name, The Day We Left Earth?

574998_10151366395170898_695276122_n-300x299A. We were inspired by the Alex Cornell painting of the same name. We liked the double entendre of the name, as it can be read as both leaving the earth in a literal sense, but also in a more metaphysical way.

Q. How did you all meet? What’s the story?

A. Our drummer wrote an ad on a Danish website for musicians, and after a few emails back and forth, we all met each other through a few jam-sessions and started the band.

Q. For each of you, what is your past history with music? Any previous bands? How similar were they to yours today?

A. All of us have played in bands prior to The Day We Left Earth, and some of us still play in other bands now as well. Some of them are direct opposites of what we play in TDWLE, ranging from metal and post-hardcore to folk, hiphop and pop. None of us have played post-rock before forming TDWLE.

Q. Who handles the beats, guitar, vocals, etc.? What would you say each of you bring to the table?

A. Søren is our drummer, Casper and Anders play guitar and I, Lars, play bass. We’re an instrumental band so we don’t have a singer, although we’ve had some, before finally settling on being without one. We all listen to a broad palette of different bands and genres and as such, we get a lot of inspiration from different angles. We’re a very homogeneous band, and everyone gets their voices heard. 

882234_10151806657795898_1414548589_o-300x200Q. Describe your genre, your sound. 

A. We play instrumental post-rock with electronic elements. 

Q. Has your sound evolved or pretty much stayed the same since you started? Do you think it will hold over time?

A. We’re ever-evolving in our musical expression, and have had a revolving door kind of line-up. The members present now are the core members and have been there from the beginning. We’ve been as many as 7 people in the band at one point. As of late we’ve become a bit more math-rock inspired so time will tell what the new material will sound like.

Q. Who are your big influences? Would you compare your sound to any of them?

A. We’re influenced by a wide range of genres and don’t have “key” influences. But some related artists that inspire us are Vessels, Three Trapped Tigers, 65daysofstatic, Town Portal, Oceansize and Maybeshewill.

Q. How often do you practice?

893053_10151806657695898_1246907628_o-300x200A. Once a week.

Q. Are you signed with any record labels?

A. We’re currently DIY, but we’ll see if the right offer comes along.

Q. Is there a particular song of yours that sticks out to you as unique from the rest?

A. Out of our released material, “Lights” has been the song that has gained the most attention, but “Our Benefactors” is the only song we’ve written, that has this continuous build-up to the crescendo.

Q. Who handles your artwork?

A. Casper, our guitarist.

Q. Where have you performed? Any favorite venues, cities? Most memorable experiences?

A. All of our gigs have been here in Copenhagen, Denmark and we’ve have played pretty much every venue that carries music in genres such as ours. There have been plenty of memorable experiences, so it’s hard to pinpoint just one.

469991_10150814811680898_805903882_o-300x449Q. What’s the ultimate goal for your band?

A. Releasing acclaimed music that people get inspired by. We aren’t one of these “conquer the world”-type bands. Hearing from people who like our music actually does it for me.

Q. What shows and tours are you planning in the near future?

A. None at the moment. We’re writing new material for the next release.

Q. What’s the best way to access your music?

A. Through Facebook, where you can check out the album via Bandcamp.

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