Q&A with Eve !

Heyo geeks, nerds and everything in between, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing the talented creator of Mindless designs comics. So let’s jump into the Q&A with Eve !

Q:When did you start drawing / making comics?
A:I started drawing around 20 years ago. I remember it like it was just yesterday lol
Q:Who /what inspired you to start drawing/creating comics?
A:I remember coming home from school grades 6th-10th, turning on my tv, and completely ignoring my homework just so I could watch cartoons like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon and Digimon to name a few. These cartoons in particular, were constant inspirations in the past and some of them still are.
Q:How has creating affected how you move through life ?
A:I’m always thinking about the next greatest thing to create. Sometimes to my detriment because I’m not always focused on reality lol
Q:What/Who pushed you to pursue drawing?
A:No one to blame but my will power lol
Q:Were you always into the arts or did it take time to get into it ?
A:I have always surrounded myself with the arts. I honestly believe creatives are born with the drive to create.
Q: What advice would you give to folks that want to jump into art/ comic book creation?
Do more research on the subject you plan on actively pursuing. And practice! lots and lots of practice!
Q:Do you have any new work for the future and where can people check out your art?
I am currently working on the final pages of my newest comic creation:
“Renisha & Cjay”
I plan to hopefully have it ready for release sometime in early 2019
You can find more of my work on Instagram through these 2 usernames:
@ zayarts21
@ mindlessdesignscomics

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