Rock Masters Band’s New Dual Single:”Shooting Star/Rock n’ Roll Saves Souls”

mv_rmb_2015_hires25_jimi_haxu_ace-300x450Seeing a band release a dual single is rare these days. Dual singles were most popular during the time of records because artists were forced to make them. There were tiny records called “45 RPMS” and they would contain the main single on the A side and another song on the B side. Usually, the B side contained a song from an upcoming album. Sometimes, throughout history, the B side because more popular than the A side. For example, Vanilla Ice. Now Vanilla Ice wasn’t too much of a good musician but his hit song, “Ice Ice Baby” was actually a B side to a 45 RPM. The A side to this dual single was actually Vanilla Ice’s hip-hop rendition of Wild Cherry’s hit song, “Play That Funky Music“.

The fact that past artists were forced to make dual singles bring up the question: Why do it today? I mean, we have the technology to post a single anywhere! iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify, Soundcloud and so many others support one single postings! Why waste your time making a dual single? The answer is simply: to be genuine. Now what does that mean? Well, the Rock Masters, as alluded to in the name of the band, are a rock band from Finland. Based around a rotating lineup and an ever evolving artistic vision these rock and rollers are carving out a very specific niche in the Finnish scene. Due to the shifting nature of the musicians every song has a unique feel and it means that every time you play a new single – while some elements may stay the same things remain refreshingly innovative.

That’s why a dual single was released. These guys want to mix old and new to create a beautiful sound.

Now how do they sound? The answer is: nostalgic. Everything from the album covers to the actual songs all have elements of this old rock scene. In the song, “Rock n’ Roll Saves Souls“, there is a harmonica and some typical blues-form chord changes. This makes the song give some familiarity. These guys really went for it with the second single, “Shooting Star“.

Shooting Star” has a very bass influenced sound and a very familiar vocal sound. It reminded me of artists like Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones or even newer groups like The Black Keys. These guys really got a punch to their sound while still keeping that classic rock motif in mind.

Included down below are the two, dual singles and I recommend listening to them! Enjoy.

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