Rogue Reporter Accuses Pizza Shop of Fraud

It’s gotten to the point where the mentality in the USA has become MENTAL.

People have a right to feel the way they want to.  If YOU personally don’t like somebody YOU don’t have to be friends with them; you don’t even have to work with them or talk with them. You can “unfriend” them or “block” them. If YOU personally don’t like the way a place does business YOU are not obligated to spend your time or money there. “Move On”. Take your business elsewhere. It’s the beauty of capitalism. There is competition out there. There’s no need to buy your stuff from the same place everyday.

There are signs in establishments where the management publicly advertises the house rules. Some of the signs you might have seen include “No credit cards accepted”….”Management reserves right to refuse service”….”No shirt, No shoes, No service” ….Nobody complains or tries to pass a law not allowing these businesses to stay open.

Yet when it comes to Christians with bakeries or pizzerias, it’s a malicious witch hunt. Certain groups with their political agendas like targeting one group in order to turn public opinion against them because the personal beliefs or politics of the targeted group is not equal to theirs. Instead of opening a dialogue, they prefer to threaten and hurt others. In the end, it’s bullying. Bullying somebody because of their point of view or religious beliefs is juvenile and deplorable, especially when you are targeting them with acts maliciously done on purpose.  It’s a tactic the Nazis used in Germany. Any group or person acting like this in America is no better than the Nazi who acted like this in Germany. Period.

Take for instance the recent case of the owners of Memories Pizza who said that they would never cater a gay wedding. To some that might be a disappointing view or comment, which is understandable; however the owners have a right to their opinion and how they feel. If you’re gay and you want your wedding catered by a pizza shop go on to the next pizza shop (there are many pizza shops in the USA) and as for the owners, well they just lost a sale but they were willing to do so.

When this news item was blown out of proportion by the mainstream news  people got all worked up about this. This is what the media focused on while other news items regarding terrorists throwing gays off the tops of building or terrorists beheading Christians were being overlooked, THIS was the news item that caused public outrage……so much vitriol and hatred that the owners of the pizza shop received enough death threats to temporarily close down their restaurant.

Death threats for speaking your mind. Is that a liberal America? Nein meine fuhrer, nein.

There are repercussions in one’s actions. Consequences. In this case, the death threats backfired.

Lawrence B. Jones III, an African American male who works as a private investigator and contributes to news programs, started a fund to raise money for the owners of Memories Pizza and a lot of money was raised. In fact so much money (over $800,000) was raised for the owners of Memories Pizza that the people who wanted to shut down the pizza parlor got livid over it. One reporter at a CBS news affiliate, Alix Bryan, took it upon herself to make sure that the owners of  Memories Pizza would not be able to get the money that was raised for them, even though some people who donated to the fund are gay themselves. Kudos to them for stepping up.  So not only were the owners of this pizza place told to shut up and forced to close down their livelihood but now there was an agenda to make sure that the owners have no money at all. It’s a Sick, twisted, and evil thing to purposely see someone suffer. Ms. Bryan was going out of her way for this result. She  tweeted on her employer’s Twitter account that she reported the fund for fraud…”just in case”.

Her actions, you guessed it, backfired on her; and now things may get worse for Ms. Bryan. In fact, the only fraud in this story, may  be Ms. Alix Bryan herself.

The owners of Memories Pizza are well within their rights to file a lawsuit against Alix Bryan AND her employers because she used her employer’s Twitter account to accuse the pizza owners of fraud and tarnish their public reputation without proof. What she did was not journalism, and it is not free speech. It was a malicious act of libel that backfired on her. In an attempt to tarnish the reputation of the owners of a pizza shop she damaged the reputation of her employer, an affiliate news station of  CBS , and in that act she blew her credibility to hell for putting her personal ideology ahead of the story.

She also said that she contacted Mr. Jones; he tweeted that she never did. Now she could be considered a liar as well if what he says is true. She has been removed from the CBS affiliate’s Twitter account until further notice. If the owners of Memories Pizza do sue, it’s more than likely that she will find herself unemployed as well. The irony is that she wanted to make sure the pizza owners would not have a paycheck whereas now she is facing this financial outcome. You reap what you sow Alix Bryan.

Like the irony, the hypocrisy also does not go unnoticed: you don’t see the Left or certain groups going after Muslim bakeries for refusing service to certain groups like they are going after Christians. Ganging up against anyone is disgusting and gutless but to be hypocritical about it as well? Whether you believe in God, the law, or in both, people have the Constitutional and God -given right to live they want to as long as it doesn’t endanger others in the USA. There are other pizza shops out there for people to have their wedding catered by; all of this suffering by several parties was unnecessary.   It’s one thing to have a cause, it’s another thing when you turn that cause into a fanatical “by any means necessary” agenda.  Your credibility is questionable, especially when you do stupid things like accusing someone with things like “fraud” on your employer’s Twitter account without any evidence whatsoever. You’re also turning people against your cause by doing so and it’ll backfire on you as seen in the Memories Pizza case.  “Apologizing” afterwards is too little, too late, and frankly too weak because whoever is apologizing should never have done the dirty deed to begin with.