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Rules to Live By

While it’s true there are no rules in fashion, there are a few things every woman should know. There’s a huge difference between TV and reality– and an even larger difference between the runway and the sidewalks of your neighborhood. Victoria Beckham may be able to rock Balenciaga straight from Paris. You, however, may have a bit of a challenge.

Women who dress well posses great personal style. Part of having personal style is knowing what works for you and your body. Knowing what your best assets are and how to accentuate them, your flaws and how to hide them.  No woman has a perfect body in their own mind, even super models are insecure about something. Unlike you these woman know how to manipulate the eye, call them tricks of the trade if you will. First if you don’t feel comfortable in it FORGET ABOUT IT! Part of feeling sexy and looking good is confidence and when you feel self conscious trust me it shows.

Second focus on what you love about you! If you have great legs flaunt them in the seasons 80’s inspired mini dress, Balmain and Versace showed great selections at their fall runway shows.  A regular at the gym? Show off your toned tummy in a corset inspired body skimping frock, try one from Dolce & Gabbana or Jonathan Saunders. Next, you should never wear a trend from head to toe. Fashion is about individuality, making something your own is the true test of any fashion savvy lady. Take this falls biker look, instead of going full on biker babe opt for a more tailored version like the leather Maryna jacket from Rag & Bone. Pair it with jeans, pencil skirts and great trousers, you’ll instantly look pulled together…the urban sophisticate.

Lastly, I’m sure every woman you know owns a black dress and there’s a reason for it…black looks fabulous on everyone. When in doubt opt for the little black dress or the black anything in my opinion. It’s classic, chic and always appropriate. Think of it as a blank canvas, put it on under a blazer or cardigan for day and studded Maltese cross cuffs after hours. Try Rachel by Rachel Roy’s black one shoulder dress, it’s on trend for the season and at $109 won’t break the bank. The most important thing to know ladies is to let you personality shine through. You should wear the clothes not the other way around. Fashion is supposed to enhance all the beauty and fierceness you already have. Yes clothes are beautiful and we all swoon over the latest Louboutins but ask yourself this, would William Travillas white halter dress be as iconic without Marilyn Monroe?