Senator Colbert

A recent poll from South Carolina placed The Rev. Sir Dr. Stephen T. Mos Def Colbert, D.F.A., Heavyweight Champion of the World ** as the top pick to replace Jim DeMint. If you follow Stephen Colbert on his Comedy Central show The Colbert Reporthe could not be more thrilled. For someone the NY Times Magazine labeled as “well-intentioned, poorly informed high-status idiot”, who better can we ask to fill a senatorial nomination.

Stephen Colbert is a television personality called a “self-important right-wing commentator,” who’s persona is primary based on cable pundits, especially Bill O’Reilly. He has managed a Super PAC that was worth nearly $1 million, written two books on the Amazon Top-Sellers List, interviewed and subsequently pissed off some of the greatest people, personalities, and performers, all while wearing that Mitt Romney smile. If you take away the fact that everything he is as a television personality is a joke and he would make one hell of a senator.

If you think about it though our senators are just personalities. They appear, speak, and act like they care, but really they are just as Stephen Colbert so carefully put it “rolling over” for certain lobbies to get all that money for re-election. They turn votes for money so every four years when they need to worry about their image to the public again they can use all those “campaign donations” to protect themselves from the truth.

In order for Stephen to become a Senator he would need the nomination of the State’s Governor, Nikki Haley. In order to sway the governor for the nomination Colbert spoke to his audience ‘The Colbert Nation” one night on the air. He asked his hoard of followers to cover the governor is cyber-spam in an attempt to convince her that he was the best candidate for the job. South Carolina has spoken, the people have spoken, but the final decision comes down to Governor Haley and I am not sure she is moved.

The truth of the matter is we could use Senator Colbert. He is a crazy-wackadoodle, crazy enough for me to use that term, he is loud, inconsiderate, self-centered, arrogant and oblivious. He constantly talks over people making calm collected arguments until they are shouting like lunatics. He is irreverent, irregular, and irrational. I wish I could say something good about Stephen Colbert, but I think the fact that there are no good things to say about him that really make him the perfect fit for Congress. So please Governor Haley take Stephen Colbert off our TV sets and as far away from us as humanly possible. Of coarse what is more poetically justifying than sending this pain-in-ass than to the people who have the monopoly on ass pains.