Silent Party Event

Approximately 300 people attended a silent party event on Wednesday June 6, 2018 in New York at a Hilton’s Hotel patio, and I was one of those people who worked there and had the chance to experience it.

The silent party might not be the typical party many people attend like when they head to the club, but it sure is a one of a kind experience. Perhaps people might think it is anti-social because people wouldn’t be paying attention to others but that’s not the case. Those who go to a silent party will be wearing headphones and can have the capability of switching to different stations, which in this case, I had three different stations that had three different DJ’s, each designated to three different colors–green, blue, and red and yes people can still chat.

Once my headphones were light up to a station, I used to change it to a different station (color) and it was a different music genre. The cool thing about this event was the fact that it seemed silent yet it was loud and people receiving their headphones were enthusiastic by just being informed about the headphones.

As soon as it got darker in the patio, the crowd seemed more at ease and enjoyed it even more as their headphones were light up to the station they had it on.

I noticed before the event ended, how suddenly people danced to a station they switched their headphones to. Also, how they still had conversations and there were lots of laughter and overall enjoyment in their body language regardless if they weren’t dancing. “Do I really have to give my headphones back?”a girl asked, as she handed her headphones to me. “Unfortunately you do,” I replied. “This was pretty cool,” a guy said as he handed his headphones to me. And there were more positive words said about the event as more people came to drop off their headphones. The party was obviously a short spent time for many as it had been confirmed by them to have been a magnificent event.

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