The American meets Double Shot

Double Shot will make his long awaited comic book debut!

Everyone’s favorite coffee loving superhero will make his presence felt in AIC Comics’ Tales from the Streets of Guangzhou #2.

Guangzhou’s own foreign vigilante, The American, learns that crime Kingpin, Liu Mang is planning to take over the neighborhood. He goes out to find what’s happening. It doesn’t take long to find himself in the middle of trouble.

Double Shot has the ability to create and manipulate coffee. He is a highly resourceful individual. Because of this, The American confronts Double Shot to find answers. This adventure is not one you want to miss.

Double Shot and The American

On the mean streets of Guangzhou – one of China’s largest cities – you can find The American. He finds trouble no matter where he roams. Follow his adventures as he fights crime lords, petty thieves, or anyone who happens to interrupt his drinking time.

Tales from the Streets of Guangzhou is written by Michael Kelley and drawn by Allen Warner, with special guest character Double Shot from Hairy Lion Comics (). Here is a photo of myself as Double Shot:


If you want to read the first issue of Tales from the Streets of Guangzhou and check out other titles from AIC Comics, go to

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