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The Famous Mcclure Twins

Ava and Alexis Mcclure are one of the Top 10 Influencer Kids. As proven by Forbes. These twins pictures and videos have gone megaviral.

All started a few years ago. After the twin’s mother Amy Mcclure met her husband Justin Mcclure.

Amy would often share pictures of her twin girls at the age of 1 on Facebook. She would use her cellphone to take pictures. But, Justin professionally with his camera began to take photos of the twins.

And although Justin is not the twins biological father, when he met Amy and married her, he took the role of father to her twins. He even adopted the twins couple of years ago.

Justin’s true identity to the twins does not belittle him as a father. Instead, his been the man to truly capture special moments of the twins on videos too. They see him as their dad. In a Youtube video he tells the twins “I was meant to be your dad.” The twins giggled when he said that. They often laugh a lot during their video sessions.

In the fall year 2016, the twins had 10,000 followers. Suddenly those followers increased even more. The Mcclure twins have modeled for brands and been interviewed by important network sources like NBC.

The Mcclure family newest member is baby Jersey, whose biological father is Justin. Justin also takes pictures of his son. He too captures videos of him.

Generally the family has captivated the hearts of the public as a family. As for the twins they continue to be the most followed in their family on social media platforms. On social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram.

Mcclure twins presently have 1.7 million followers. On Youtube they have 1.2 million followers. For more information about these adorable twins, you may follow them in Instagram: Mccluretwins.

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