The Most Awaited Latin Movie ‘Que Leon’

Ozuna, a well known Latin Trap and Reggeaton artist is starring in his first role in the film “Que Leon” (What a Lion).

The movie has been playing in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic and is coming to the U.S. and Latin America theaters this Friday, January 25, 2019.

The comedy movie is directed by Frank Perozo. It narrates the love story of characters Nicole and José Miguel. Ozuna plays the character Jose Miguel. He plays it along with the Dominican TV personality and model Clarissa Molina. She plays character Nicole.

Both characters happen to have the same last name “Leon” and they come from different social backgrounds.

Nicole and Jose Miguel’s love is put to the test. Their fathers actors, Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes are opposed to their love. Thus unexpected situations derive preventing them from being together.

In June 2018 where the movie was filmed–Dominican Republic, Clarissa Molina spoke at a press conference. The TV personality talked about her experience as an actress alongside Ozuna.

Clarissa said she had seen Ozuna before. In addition, interviewed him but for a little bit. Therefore, she didnt know what to expect working on set with him.

Soon after working with him, the chemistry between the two of them turned out to be better than she expected it. She enjoyed his non-judgemental personality. And she also admired his hardworking ability.

While back in November 2018, during a press conference in Dominican Republic, Ozuna gave his declarations.

His declarations were that he realized acting disciplines people. He learned that it gives a lot of responsibility to the person playing a character too. Artist Ozuna was also pleased with his participation in the movie “Que Leon.”

“Que León has already sold more than half a million tickets in the Caribbean, Spanglish Movies,” states Billboard. Moreover, the movie trailer has 2.6 million views currently.

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